Congressman Broun To Introduce Constitutional Amendment To Ban Same-Sex Marriages

Yesterday Bill Kristol opined that despite the fact that “the Republican Party is clearly in bad shape,” Gay Marriage is a promising development for McCain.

Today Georgia Congressman Paul Broun took the bait, announcing that he will introduce a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage:

“Marriage as an institution exists solely between one man and one woman. Americans have traditionally recognized this definition as being the most beneficial arrangement for the creation of stable family structures and for the upbringing of children. In fact, Americans have repeatedly shown their preference for the traditional definition of one-man, one-woman marriage by passing state and federal laws or by amending state constitutions to preserve the traditional definition,” Broun said.
“There simply is no basis for the suggestion that homosexual ‘marriage’ is a right protected by the United States Constitution,” Broun said.

Just in time, too. Dale Carpenter looks at the California decision to see how it will influence marriage litigation elsewhere:

…it could be influential in a case called Kerrigan v. Comm’r of Public Health pending before the state supreme court in Connecticut, which addresses the similar question whether the state may withhold the title of “marriage” to same-sex couples when the state has granted them all of the benefits of marriage under state law. Other states with civil unions – New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Vermont – can similarly expect renewed efforts to persuade their state courts to extend marriage itself to same-sex couples.

RELATED: Congressman Broun’s announcement will, of course, be well received by his Georgia base. I’m sure you all have already heard about our state GOP chair saying Saturday that John McCain is “kind of like Jesus.”