Nothing, Not Even Cancer, Would Deter This Trooper.

Sergeant overcomes cancer, deploys to Afghanistan

After experiencing surgery similar to the one this Army Sergeant endured, I never even entertained the idea of traveling to or living somewhere where living conditions and medical care were not at least close to those in the U.S., let alone deploy to a combat zone.

But that is exactly what this courageous and determined trooper did after going through life-threatening surgery from which only four out of six had survived.

Army Sgt. Jessica Echols, surviving cancer after a long, painful battle, was determined to serve with her fellow soldiers in Afghanistan, was finally cleared for deployment and is now serving at Bagram, Afghanistan.

“My service to my country means the world me,” she said. “I wanted to share my story and show people that you can overcome any obstacle. Cancer is very scary, but you should never give up, even if the odds are against you.”

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I used the term “trooper” in the sense described by the Urban Dictionary: trooper – Anyone who exhibits EXTREME perseverance, fortitude, and tenacity.

I would add “courage” to that.

Lead photo: U.S. Army

Author: DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist