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Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Law | 13 comments

Trayvon Martin texts, photos: Might they change Zimmerman trial?

zimmerman-evidence-trayvon-cell-phone-1-031413 (1)

Trayvon Martin texts, photos: Might they change Zimmerman trial? (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Copyright ImageClick to View George Zimmerman, charged with killing unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, arrives in Seminole circuit court, in Sanford, Fla., with attorney Mark O’Mara (l.) for a pretrial hearing on April 30. Mr. Zimmerman’s second-degree murder trial is currently set for June, but his…

  • rudi

    Zimmerman and his defence are dirtbags. This evidence doesn’t justify the shooting in Sanford. This is typical behaviour for many teenagers. Is pot smoking a death sentence? Flipping the bird a reason to kill an unarmed teen?.

  • slamfu

    Exactly Rudi. Even if we grant the defenses premise that Trayvon was a punk who did pot and got in fights at school so what? It’s ok to initiate a fight and shoot him? What the hell are they thinking?

  • dduck

    The defense is doing what the defense is supposed to do, making the other side look bad so your side can look good. That being said, the “system” is allowing too much time for money to flow in and pay for the PR the defense is building.

  • rudi

    Would it OK for the state and prosecution to use character assassination to sway a trial? Or should facts and evidence be the judge?

  • dduck

    No, it’s not OK on either side, it just is. The prosecution does do that if I am not mistaken. Perhaps tidbits has an opinion.

  • petew

    I agree, that the Court of Public opinion seldom remains unaffected by circumstantial information that is disseminated by the press, and then becomes part of the Jury pool’s mindset.

    After the initial reports of the incident, most of us were convinced that it was appropriate to rush to judgement based on reports that were yet incomplete and sketchy. And, whether our initial impressions were right or wrong, such speculations have no business being used as evidence that a jury to should consider. Time and time again, people have been falsely convicted because of how they looked, came across, or how they were portrayed by the Press i.e. The ordeal Amanda Knox has had to endure, was really unwarranted without the presence of valid and hard evidence. But, one gets the definite impression that she was initially convicted and maligned by the Italian people, simply because they wanted her to be guilty. In the American judicial system, the prosecutions supposed case against her, would have been laughed right out of court.

    If anything, we should have learned by now,that you can’t always tell a book by its cover, nor can you judge anyone’s personality by the crazy things we all do as adolescents. Accordingly, Every effort should be made to prevent Zimmerman from being prosecuted, or escaping prosecution, based only on specious circumstantial evidence.

    As far as what has influenced me to believe that Zimmerman MAY be guilty, is the fact that not until many weeks later, was any photographic evidence of his head wounds, released by police. One would think that when the authorities arrived at the scene, photographic documentation of Zimmerman’s injuries would have been one of the most basic and important evidence samples to provide—if not right then, at least,taken only short time later. I also think the fact that he continued to pursue Trayvon, even after police ordered Zimmerman not to follow Martin, will prove to be quite damaging to his case. It has been said at times, that he was on his way back to his car, and was attacked only after beginning to end the encounter. But all of that is hard to prove, and Zimmerman should have had the common sense to obey the police and not even attempt to leave his car to begin with.

    It is a strategy deliberately pursued by attorneys to prejudice the public’s opinions, even though they are not legally supposed to do so. I think it is nonsense to expect that even Supreme Court members, are supposed to be unaffected by their own backgrounds and ideological biases. The Courts undoubtedly make the effort, but what has happened to them in their lives can never be completely removed from the equation. And, although a jury is supposed to ignore initial impressions when they reach a verdict, we all know that just a few stories in the local papers have most likely already biased their opinions, and that the damage has already been done!

  • sheknows

    It all comes down to whether or not they will allow this evidence. That is the point that could make this a 3 ring circus and will bring muck raking from the other side into play, and before you know it the trial will be about private lives and character assination with murder as a predictable inevibility or some such nonsense. I doubt they will allow this to be entered.

  • dduck

    Not the point, the jury pool is poisoned, shame on the judge for not exerting more control on both sides and the unfortunately long time to go to trial and of course the PR money buys. Sucks.

  • Today

    I agree with dduck. I can only imagine the money being poured into the defense of Zimmerman by the NRA, the weapons industry and God only knows what knuckle-head hate groups. It is going to take a lot of money to prove that Zimmerman is innocent after he pursued Trayvon Martin and killed him in “self defense”. This has all the makings of the O.J. Simpson show.

  • bluebelle

    No way this trial won’t be a 3 ring circus. Agree with dd about the judge and with Rudi about kids who smoke pot and get in fights. That is why they are not out in the adult world. TM was sent to stay with his father so that his dad could help him straighten out– and many teens, given a fair chance will straighten out. Unfortunately, Trayvon’s second chance was stolen from him

  • StockBoyLA

    I think Zimmerman is guilty because he got out of his car and went after TM. If I had been Trayvon I would have fought back to protect myself from this lunatic who got out of his car and confronted me.

    If I was in GZ’s shoes… in the car and felt threatened by someone, the last thing I would do is leave the safety of my car. I would simply have driven away…. very fast.

    The defense team should be ashamed of themselves for making this information public. (The law aside)…. I consider it private information and I would not want my cell phone records and texts released for public viewing. They really ought to change the law so that private information and communication remains private.

    Tomorrow anyone of us could be walking down the street and injured by someone else for whatever reason. Then while preparing to go to trial (at least in Florida and maybe other locations) the person who injured us could go through our cell phone records, texts and who knows what other information, and release it to the public in order to paint some picture of us in the public’s mind. How is that even right? Even if our cell phone records, text messages, etc. are benign, do we really want the world to know what prescriptions we take, who we see, what we do, where we go? If that information comes out in a trial, and it’s relevant to the trial, that’s one thing. But that information should not be released by someone wanting to manipulate public opinion about me (or you or anyone else).

  • StockBoyLA

    “…says Bob Dekle, who teaches law at the University of Florida. “On a plea of self-defense you can sometimes get into evidence of prior violent acts or character of the deceased … but saying something about fistfights in high school? Kids get into fistfights at school. I did, and I don’t think that made me someone that needed to be shot,”’

    It’s been said before other times… if you’re a white teenager and get into a fistfight, or smoke weed or cause trouble with friends then it’s “just boys being boys.” If you’re a black teenage and do the same thing as a white teenager, you are a hardened criminal, drug addict and waste to society and should be locked up in prison for life.

    That’s the black teenage stereotype the defense is trying to establish with Trayvon.

  • justcowboyway

    Mr DDuck said:

    The defense is doing what the defense is supposed to do, making the other side look bad so your side can look good. That being said, the “system” is allowing too much time for money to flow in and pay for the PR the defense is building.

    Well said.

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