IRS Scandal Unifies GOP, Could Come Back to Haunt Democratic Party in 2014 Mid-Term Elections

Christopher Weyant, The Hill

Christopher Weyant, The Hill

The Obama Administration and Democrats could have an enormous problem on its hands with recent revelation that the Internal Revenue Service targeted Tea Party, Jewish groups and any group that “criticized the government or sought to educate the people about the Constitution.” As much as the majority of Americans despise the U.S. Congress, including the Republicans, the White House and Democrats need to tread cautiously or they could be in for another shellacking in 2014. The goal of the Republicans is to get people whipped up over their manufactured scandals. They have decided that working on the issues confronting Americans such as sequestration, gun control, reducing unemployment, etc., isn’t in their best interest.

New York Times: “Since last year’s elections, Republicans in Congress have struggled for traction on their legislative efforts, torn between conservatives who drove the agenda after their 2010 landslide and new voices counseling a shift in course to reflect President Obama’s re-election and the loss of Republican seats in the House and the Senate.”

“But the accusations of I.R.S. abuse are sure to fuel an effort that appears to be uniting dispirited Republicans and their conservative political base: investigating Mr. Obama and his administration. Republicans are pushing a portrayal of an administration overreaching its authority and punishing its enemies.”

Washington Post: “Politicizing the IRS was one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon,” noted Doug Schoen, who handles polling for New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “That being said, we are still a very long way from that point.” But, Schoen added: “The allegations are very, very serious and it is simply impossible to believe that it was just Lois Lerner and some low-level employees in Cincinnati who came up with this scheme to systematically focus on Tea Party and ‘patriot’ groups.” …”It could grow into a major political problem for Democrats over the coming months.”

The talking points the IRS released was blaming low-level employees in Cincinnati for coming up with the scheme to focus on Tea Party and ‘patriotic’ groups. No, this came from the higher echelons and it’s very problematic. Who else has the IRS targeted over the years? The Obama administration has largely been scandal-free, until now with the Benghazi drama continuing the swirl as Republicans use it as a lifeline to prop themselves on to find some kind of footing, and now, the IRS snooping scandal. The Obama administration is starting to take on the appearance of one hellbent on crushing its enemies and critics.

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