Michelle Obama Speaks for Me


I have to say it. In response to the lovely and talented Taylor Marsh’s “Michelle Obama Does Not Speak for Me“:

Michelle Obama speaks for me…

For the first time in my adult life, I’m overflowing with pride in my country because of Senator Barack Obama’s run for the White House. Oh I’ve been been brimming with pride in my country (post 9/11 unity) during my adult life. But never overflowing with pride. Just look at it ladies and gentlemen:

A person of color has a legitimate chance to be POTUS. And the entire rainbow of colors are supporting him. For a black man such as myself, what’s not to overflow about? History in the making. Don’t care if he gets the nod or not, Senator Barack Obama has already made tremendous positive impact on America and how the world sees us.

What’s that? No. You’re lying! Let me check… Well I’ll be…

For the first time in my adult life, I’m exploding with pride in my country. A black man and a white woman have a legitimate chance to be POTUS. Look at how far we have come!

Dearest Michelle, you speak for me a thousand times over.


Author: T-STEEL, Site Administrator

I'm not complex. Don't have time for all that. And all that complex stuff bad for the stomach. Just color me simple and plain with a twist.

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