A Year after Trayvon Martin Shooting, is America Much Changed? (Guest Voice)

A year after Trayvon Martin shooting, is America much changed? (via The Christian Science Monitor)

A year ago Trayvon Martin made a fateful decision: to take a break from the NBA all-star game on TV and kick down to the corner convenience mart, where he bought a Snapple and a bag of Skittles. The lanky 17-year-old never returned to the home where his dad was staying in Sanford, Fla. An armed neighborhood…

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Author: Guest Voice

  • bigpartymaker

    I find it offensive that people send money to this guy. He’s either a gun toting maniac who orchestrated an event to use his gun legally to kill a black teenager, or an incredibly weak man who couldn’t take a school yard style beating from said teenager so he used his gun in a fist fight. Donate that money to cancer research to help some actual victims.