Shakespeare, Super Bowls & Sideline Wench Poggioli

I just love hearing Sylvia Poggioli say her name – I always have. Doesn’t matter what she’s reporting.

But this morning, she helped Frank Deford preview this weekend’s Super Bowl game during Morning Edition. You can read the “play” here or listen to it here. I have a suspicion that this is going to be one of those Deford pieces that gets a lot of “just give us the sports, would ya?” e-mails, and I actually didn’t understand a lot of the references – sports or Bard.

But as a diversion, it was excellent. And with barely 30 minutes before the Republican debate in the Reagan Library in California, who couldn’t use a good diversion?

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  • yetanothermoderatevoice

    Did you misspell her name deliberately?

  • Jillmz

    LOL no – but have been on muscle relaxers and other drugs due to a back injury!! Thank you! LOL – so sorry – and I really LOVE her. Oy. Thanks. :)