The Perils for Latin America of Obama’s Fear-Inspired Re-Election (Opera Mundi, Brazil)

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So – does President Obama pose a geopolitical danger to Brazil and Latin America? For Brazil’s Opera Mundi, columnist Igor Fuser warns that President Obama was reelected not because of public satisfaction with his polices, but fear of his right-wing opponents, and that behind his sparkling smile, looms a growing threat to progressive governments and Latin American integration in general.

For Opera Mundi, Igor Fuser starts off this way:

The first Black president of a racist nation, Barack Obama came to the White House four years ago amid a sea of positive expectations, both nationally and internationally. For his first term, people had faith in his commitment to the welfare of ordinary citizens and more peaceful stance on the global scene. What a bitter illusion. Obama bowed to the interests of Wall Street at the expense of millions of his fellow citizens who impacted by the financial crisis, and he maintained a truculent foreign policy that was almost identical to that of his predecessor.

What led Obama to victory this time was not hope, but fear inspired by his far-right rival – a carrier of delusional ideas. Now there is no turning back. The empire will continue its slow decline, punctuated only by military aggressions in outlying countries.

From a Brazilian point of view, this new phase begins with certainty that nothing (good) can be expected of Obama’s second coming.

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Author: WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US)

Founder and Managing Editor of Worldmeets.US