FOX – They Can’t Handle The Truth

Guest on Fox News to Discuss Benghazi Attack Is Given a Quick Exit 

Defense reporter Thomas Ricks was invited on FOX news to talk about Benghazi and when he said that FOX was trying to create a controversy where there wasn’t one and that FOX was just an extension of the Republican Party they cut him off. Watch:


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  1. “Look I’m not say asking if the situation is being over hyped is an invalid topic. But that does not make the topic of the increasing debate over Benghazi invalid either.”

    @EEllis.. really?

    what’s next.. declaring yourself, ‘just an entertainer’?

  2. what’s next.. declaring yourself, ‘just an entertainer’?

    This question just makes no sense. As I said both topics may be valid, overhype or the political ramifications, but it seems reasonable if you are talking about one not to spend a segment having a guest go on about the other.

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