Legalized Marijuana, Same-Sex Marriage Make Gains in Ballot Initiatives

Legalized marijuana, same-sex marriage make gains in ballot initiatives (via The Christian Science Monitor)

Tuesday had a list of controversial and in some ways profound ballot measures around the country. Among them: Same-sex marriage, legalizing recreational marijuana, physician-assisted suicide, the death penalty, abortion, and genetically modified food. According to vote projections, measures allowing…

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  1. I consider this a MAJOR step in the advancement of the United States as a nation of reason and common sense.

  2. I’m going to Amsterdam next week…just sayin’

  3. The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana use in Colorado and Washington State.


    Now there’s a reason to look forward to retirement. Man we are not just creeping toward liberalism we are making giant leaps. I haven’t smoked pot since the seventies because of the legality issue. Gee I don’t smoke, but I think I’d like to fire one of those fat mamma’s up if it’s legal. Not like I’ve got school grades to worry about anymore. I think I’m going to be doing some fishing in Colorado. They can’t like “extradite” me if I have an out-of-state drivers license can they?

    Man this is just to much Joy for one days events for me. Freedom Feels Good!

  4. Google First Scandal. It’s relevant to the discussion.

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