In Blue Seattle, A Paper Goes Very Red

Seattle Times AdOver here on the left coast, you don’t get a lot more blue than Seattle. And for sure, it’s the bluest part of Washington State.

But the city’s only printed daily newspaper – the Seattle Times – has often thrown its editorial support behind Republican gubernatorial candidates, even though there hasn’t been a Republican governor in Washington since John Spellman, who was elected in 1980 and served one term. Predictably, the paper endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna.

But this week, the paper took the unprecedented step of actually taking out a full-page ad for McKenna. It’s an almost $80,000 independent expenditure.

The ad donation makes the Seattle Times is the third largest independent contributor to the McKenna campaign, after Our Washington and Stand for the Children WA PAC.

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  1. “Completely separate” my arse. They must really depend on people being stupid.

  2. Hi, Zephyr — I still want to believe that this was a bone-headed attempt to figure out a way to attract political advertising dollars. I know, I know … idealism running rampant.

  3. There’s no such thing as completely separate. No management team of any media outlet should ever be donating to either side.

  4. Hi, Jim – that’s certainly the consensus among academics and readers — as well as most political pundits. The latest news — a State Representative has shared a letter from Seattle Times Co ad department that he says was sent to his legislative office, certainly a no-no since you’re not supposed to use state resources to run for re-election.

    I remain saddened by the entire thing.

  5. So if McKenna loses does that mean the “business side” of the Seattle Times will the staff protesting?

  6. Hah! Good tweet.

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