NPR/Iowa Public Radio’s Democratic Debate Today

I actually heard most of this one while I was out running errands. As a Democrat who is dubious of the new NIE, I am not happy with our candidates’ insistence that the military option be “off the table” with Iran. I hope I don’t have to cast my first vote for a Republican presidential candidate in November of 2008.

Candidates Debate

You can download and listen to the 2-hour debate from NPR: Iran Sparks Fireworks at Democratic Debate. You can also listen to several brief audio “highlights.”

Debate Transcript

NPR Debate Fact Check

TNR’s The Stump: A Lousy Format for Hillary at the NPR Debate

Chris Cillizza of The Fix gives us NPR’s Democratic Debate: Winners and Losers

CNN Political Ticker

NY Times: For Democrats, a Strained Debate on Immigration

The Caucus Blog of the NY Times Live-Blogged It

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