Editorial Boards Blast Romney for Egypt/Libya Comments

I suppose it you use the trite, old expression “I don’t care what you write about me as long as you spell my name correctly” Republican Mitt Romney should be happy that they’re writing editorials about him. But there is a tiny fact: the editorials from a wide variety of newspapers are blasting him. GO HERE for a great roundup.


  1. And he deserves it. He f****** up royally.

  2. Romney went to the GOP talking point magic 8 ball too fast is all. He should know by now that he is supposed to let one of his talking surrogates do that so he can claim deniability.

  3. Yes, yes, but are they still talking about his tax returns?

  4. This is 10X as damaging.

  5. Is it telling that the WSJ defended him?

  6. Is it telling that the WSJ defended him?

    Par for the course Jim…

    a – WSJ = Rupert Murdock
    b – Fox News = Rupert Murdock
    ∴ WSJ = Fox News

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