Newt’s Not

Once again, Newt Gingrich has decided NOT to run for President in 2008.



NY Times’ The Caucus

The Politico


  • krit

    What about his claim that considering the number of Americans who were urging him to run, he had no choice but to do his duty as a citizen?? He just came out with that position Thursday on Hannity & Colmes- what a quick turnaround!

  • Davebo

    Give me a billion dollars in campaign contributions within the next 30 seconds and I’ll run for president.

    Newt’s no dummy. But he did raise some money. Wonder what happens to it now.

  • S.W. Anderson

    If he doesn’t lapse into Larry Craig flip-flop mode, this will be the best and highest service Gingrich has performed for the people of America since leaving Congress.

    My guess is that key figures in the GOP’s behind-the-scenes corps of fat cats sent Gingrich a message: “Not. A. Chance.”

  • Tully

    But he did raise some money. Wonder what happens to it now.

    His new PAC has a treasure chest. Big surprise, no?

  • krit

    Newtie we hardly knew ye!

    Newt seemed quite bitter about his decision when speaking to George Stephanopolous this morning. He blamed McCain-Feingold for criminalizing fundraising in politics- so its safe to say that he won’t be a John McCain supporter in ’08!