‘Manifest Destiny’: Prepare for U.S. Preventive War on Mexico (La Jornada, Mexico)

Do Mexican citizens need to prepare themselves for a preventive war from across their Northern border? For Mexico’s La Jornada, former Mexican general and governor Jorge Carrillo Olea warns that given Mexico’s continuing weakness and the danger criminal gangs and general disorder pose to the the United States, the U.S. notion of ‘Manifest Destiny’, which is responsible for the loss of huge portions of Mexican territory, is likely to reassert itself after the elections in November, and result in a major conflict.

For La Jornada, retired general and former governor of the state of Morlos, Jorge Carrillo Olea, writes in small part:

Historically, in their eyes, our country has evolved from “their backyard” into an inconvenient neighbor, and hence, a danger to their domestic security. We are a neighbor regarded as without the capacity to control its destiny. They cannot tolerate that. They have a very clear identity, historically, currently and for the future. They will not tolerate a threat from across their indefensible southern border. And they are already extremely disturbed about a criminal invasion and migration.

They are distressed about how petty, medium and major criminal activity originating from Mexico is taking root in their cities. They have a historic doctrine that they define themselves by and will not abandon: Manifest Destiny. We don’t fit into that definition – there is no room for us in it – and they will ensure that we don’t get in the way. In days gone by this took the form of territorial appropriation, whereas today there are other methods of imposition and subjugation.

Manifest Destiny, formulated in the middle of the 19th century (By John L. O’Sullivan of the Democratic Review, July 1845), also had British Oregon in its sights, and revealed an expansionist doctrine that coincided with a nascent Mexican state with little strength. It is true that we were robbed; it is also true that we were not yet a consolidated nation capable of self-government.

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Author: WILLIAM KERN (Worldmeets.US)

Founder and Managing Editor of Worldmeets.US