Napoleon Was Not Short

This and other amazingly common misconceptions are analyzed by the always-wonderful CGP Grey: 5 Historical Misconceptions Rundown!

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Author: DEAN ESMAY, Guest Voice Columnist

Dean Esmay is a long-time associate of Joe Gandelman and The Moderate Voice. He is Managing Editor of A Voice for Men. He also blogs on a variety of issues at Dean's World, one of the world's first blogs and one of the few that was archived as Historically Significant by the Library of Congress for the 2004 elections. You can also follow Dean via Twitter here.

  • zephyr

    Cool stuff! (although I prefer the Lady Godiva tale in it’s popular culture form)

  • dduck

    Thanks, Dean, cool.

  • IndyGuy

    Well that’s just great! What am I supposed to do with my perfectly good Vomitorium I had built in my palatial estate?!

  • StockBoyLA

    Thanks! That’s fun.