Revolting “Politics”

Rush Limbaugh apologizes but the war rages on.

I say DITTO to this.


  1. Over at LGF someone did a Google search and found this photo to be in the public domain. The Wingnuts are doubling down on the slander of this young woman.

    15 Wash Rush’s mouth with a soap. Sat, Mar 3, 2012 6:42:56pm

    They’re implying it’s Fluke’s picture. Based, of course, on the rw rumor chamber. Even though a simple google search shows it’s an unrelated image:


  2. How does one get the advertisements to disappear? I can’t read the posts because they keep getting plowed over by the ads.

  3. One mild apology —-probably written by Limbaugh’s legal department to stem the exodus of sponsors—- does not erase 30 years of air wave pollution in the minds of the 20 million.

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