Whitney Houston Dead At 48

Few details yet. Earlier this week, Whitney was spotted leaving a Hollywood nightclub with scratches on her arm, blood dripping down her leg and her wig askew.

Remember, I Will Always Love You…


  1. How terrible, she was so young.

  2. What a talent, what a shame!

  3. She graced this world with a sweet sound, for a short while. Rest in peace, untroubled, dreamless sleep.

  4. Tragic. Artists dying too young – always, always tragic.

  5. I will always love you Whitney! RIP.

  6. I hope that we are wrong but I think we all suspect what the cause of death was.

    How often great talent comes with great sadness

  7. Yes, this is sad. The first word that popped into my head after hearing this was…


    and then I thought…

    She never should have married Bobby Brown

    voice of a century…a truly talented and beautiful artist.

  8. May this songbird rest in peace. She brought so much, through so much. I am so sorry she is gone. 48 years old, one of many who have left us too soon. There are many many incredibly gifted people who will greet you and embrace you Whitney.

    May your mom and your daughter and all who love you be comforted.

  9. She was an original but there have been so many imitators since that people easily forget her style and voice were unique when she started out. I hope she is at peace.

  10. Apparently she was found in the bathtub…possible drowning…maybe prescription drugs were involved.

  11. Holy crap rudi, those FOX news comments are pretty bad, even for internet comments sections.

  12. Wow.

    Now they’re saying those comments are by liberal trolls. Glad we have a monitor here! Whatta buncha maroons.

  13. I thought conservatives were about accepting responsibility. They are blaming Liebrul trolls. CJ at LGF left the Wingnuts because of such behavior.

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