Saudi Woman Beheaded For Being A Witch

Saudi officials have executed a woman for practicing witchcraft.

According to this post it seems that they have a system for finding witches.

Author: PATRICK EDABURN, Assistant Editor

  • slamfu

    Its really hard to take those people seriously sometimes. It’s 2011, and they are convicting, legally convicting not just a bunch of hicks living in the woods dispensing some backwater justice, witches. And hey, lets not forget this little nugget of cultural wonders:

    Good lord.

  • bluebelle

    These countries are living in the Middle Ages.
    Actually that’s too advanced– the Dark Ages. I really feel for women in third world countries that have such a twisted and barbaric justice system.
    Another pet peeve of mine–
    Is it any accident that all three major religions use their teachings to subjugate women???

  • PJBFan

    What a load of mule fritters the Saudi Justice System is. Actually, in any country run by religious fanatics, we see crazy things like this. This is why the US has a secular government, and we should not support non-secular democracies.

  • PJBFan

    I missed the editing period, so I want to just say that we should not support non-secular governments at all.

  • JSpencer

    Well PJB, there are some who would love to see our own govt become more theocratic. Fortunately wiser heads (starting with the founders) prevail. I agree with you though about not supporting such governments. I am sick of seeing people be ruled and/or manipulated via via superstition and never would have guessed that by the 21st century there would still be so much of this crap going on. Unreal.

  • Allen

    It has nothing to do with their faith. It has to do with power and the human weakness for it.

  • PJBFan


    I am a conservative, pretty much as conservative as you will find around these here parts. However, I support a rule on religion in government like the one that Ataturk imposed on Turkey. Faith deserves as much of a role in politics, I think, as the finest lace does on a farmhand mucking out a pigsty.

  • Cannonshop

    When you bring God into Government, you corrupt both God, and Government.

  • Allen


    Maybe you feel that way because you are gay and see faith as a threat to your sexual proclivities as well as political?

  • PJBFan


    I will start by noting that religion and faith are no threat to me. I am a devout Anglo Catholic. I see no problem with being a conservative or a liberal, and being a person of faith. Politics is of this world, faith never is. There is a quote, however, that comes to mind. Our Lord spoke very clearly when he said that we ought to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, and unto God render that which is God’s.” Saint Paul, however, spoke in much clearer terms. In the thirteenth chapter, first verse, of the Epistle to the Church in Rome, St. Paul specifically states that all Christians are to obey ALL civil authority, without question. If one takes the Bible literally, then Christians should simply avoid politics altogether. Indeed, given the statements above, if there is a stronger call to secularism than Sacred Scripture, i.e the Bible itself, I cannot think of it. God is not of this world, and God is wholly incomprehensible. Thus did Our Lord come, not to establish a theocratic government that would overthrow the Romans, but rather a kingdom based on conversion of heart.