“Fake” Wisconsin Primary Candidates Waxed

According to MSNBC five of the six “fake” Democrats have been defeated in Wisconsin’s recall election primary. It was reported here two were defeated and four were in trouble earlier. Six Republicans have been forced to run in a recall election in the wake of what many deem excessive measures against public sector employees in that state. Should the recall be successful, Democrats would have more than enough seats to take back control of the state legislature. Beyond allegedly fake candidates in the Democratic primary, other dirty tricks including robo-calls directing registered Democratic voters to not vote due to absentee ballots being mailed directly to their residences have been alleged.

Three Democrats are also subject to recall however, fake candidates have not been alleged in those races to date.

The general recall elections are scheduled for August. A new Democratic majority is expected to roll back much of Governor Scott Walker’s anti-public sector employee legislation. Ironically, much of the anti-employee legislation was proposed to save money while each forced primary (since most of the Democrats were running unopposed in the primary, save the fake candidates) cost the state a purported $50,000.00 per primary.

Author: D.R. WELCH