The Event: Chapter 8

Mick LaSalle just e-mailed me: he published chapter 8 today. East – someone who refused to play East’s game of unite and conquer – has killed the Pope… and Sadie is trying to come to terms with, well, the fact that her father killed the most important Christian leader.

O… and who will become the new Pope and what will the results of that be?

Priscilla will get married… who’ll perform the wedding ceremony?

What am I saying, just go and read it!

Today’s literary quote is, btw, from this chapter:

It never ceased to amaze me how many sane people you could have in a country and still be ruled by a sick bastard.

Any thoughts on Chapter 8 of The Event?

Author: michaelvdg

  • ChuckPrez


    no way…no effing way…

    Mick done came through on this chapter…WHAT A READ!!!

  • Michael van der Galien

    Yes I agree C.P.: this chapter was a great read.

  • ChuckPrez

    he bounced back big form the relative boredom of the previous chapter.

    I want to do Sadie like Chapelle did those ladies of the world’s oldest profession when he was w/ Wayne Brady:

    Meanwhile I’m enjoying Mary dig her own grave. lol