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Posted by on Aug 14, 2008 in At TMV | 1 comment

10 Things I Learned From Tony Bourdain

Whether you read his blog, watch his show on the Travel Channel or read his books, you can learn a lot from Anthony Bourdain no matter your political persuasion. Some things I’ve picked up.

1. There is no part of a pig you can’t love when handled skillfully.

2. Vegans should not be sent to concentration camps. Under the right circumstances, however, they could be forced into reeducation camps.

3. Anyone can love. If it’s not the love of your life, you can love someone who understands you in hard times. You can love a relative who has no choice but to love you. You can love a pet or a piece of meat. Love something.

4. Life is a journey on a hardscrabble road and it leaves marks on you. Some of those marks are scars. Some are ink buried in your skin. Some are claw imprints on your soul. Don’t judge people by their marks.

5. One man’s bait is another woman’s sushi.

6. The people who look like the “other” may keep you alive some day.

7. If you chase your dreams you may end up in the gutter. You meet the nicest people in gutters.

8. The world is a big place, but try not to take up too much space.

9. Foreign people are funny. Now you funny too.

10. Order up. The kitchen may close sooner than you think.

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