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Posted by on Apr 18, 2011 in Politics | 0 comments

10 Quotes that Could Sink Donald Trump’s Nomination

As I noted HERE Karl Rove and other GOPers including conservative talk show host Mark Levin are now either belittling Donald Trump’s chances to be the GOP Presidential nominee or coming out square against him. And Trump’s problem is: he does have a trackable record of quotes which show that in the past at least he has not been a conservative.

Here are 10 quotes that could sink Trump’s nomination if his conservative opponents use these in ads. When you read them you can see how conservatives who aren’t willing to paper over his past words will be working hard to make sure he doesn’t get the nomination.

On the other hand, if his foes did use them in ads and their efforts failed, Trump could be in a good position if he got the nomination to move to the center even though a new Rasmussen Poll shows him 15 points behind Barack Obama if he ran against him.

But is all of this a news story that wil fizzle in the end? The New York Times reports that NBC executives don’t think Trump will run:

But no one at NBC has done much serious planning about what to do with “The Apprentice,” because of what two executives cited as pervasive doubts that Mr. Trump would actually enter the race.

“This is Donald being Donald,” said one senior executive who would be involved in any decision about how NBC handles the show. The executive, who asked not to be identified to avoid any conflict with Mr. Trump, said “any decision is still weeks away.”

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