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Posted by on Nov 29, 2017 in Inspiration and Living, Satire, Society | 0 comments


(President Trump tweets anti-Muslim videos)

Oops, we got busted again, I hate to admit it.
By who else than our very own President.
As he retweets the far-right anti-Muslim videos.
So under no duress, I am going to confess.
For I am running out of ways to react.
I mean all us Muslims, all 1.8 billion.
We had conspired with Kim Jong-un.
Who agreed to provide cover with his rocket launches.
While we would all continue with our evil ways.
1.8 billion had agreed upon and signed off on those incidents which Trump mentions.
Yes, I remember Mr. Islam was also in attendance.
All 1.8 billion involved in some form of terrorism.
Just as all white folks are guilty of Donald J Trump.
And all brown people for having the brown skin pigment.
Just can’t keep getting caught like this.
We are 1.8 billion villains.
Pretty soon no one would want to live with us.
Goddamn it.
Imagine 1.8 billion shopping for a new planet.

Footnote: This is a work of satire.

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