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Posted by on Jul 6, 2012 in Miscellaneous | 2 comments

Windows Weird Stuff

I am running Windows 7.  When I turned off my computer last night all was well – when I turned it on this morning all was not well.  I went to the web first and the fonts were all messed up – at many sites the fonts were all italic and in some cases bold italic.  It was the same in all web browsers and Excel.  I did a goggle search and found I am not the first one to have this problem which is certain fonts simply disappear.  Arial regular, Georgia regular and Verdana regular were no longer there.  I had to go to another computer and copy the missing fonts onto a thumb drive and reinstall them on my main computer.  There may be others missing but they haven’t bothered me yet.  The only thing that happened was Norton did a system scan last night that included a registry scan.

Has anyone else had this problem!

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