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Posted by on Jan 20, 2008 in At TMV | 0 comments

Where are the Moderate Voices?

Got Any Moderate Voices? was a recent discussion on the Centerfield Blog. There are insightful comments about the frustration of moderates who can’t provoke a following for tame, balanced and nuanced opinion….Ain’t it the truth.

My opinion is that there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. And I suspect that non-partisan/trans-partisan election reform of Public Finance of Campaigns, Redistricting, and Open Primaries, all aimed at attracting more pragmatically inclined centrists may be the spark that ignites the growing independent community tired of partisanship.

I imagine a PAC that raised money to alert the voters in each congressional district which candidates support non-partisan election reforms. Now that would be a good use for Bloomberg’s money and leadership.

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