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  • I don’t know about you but when I hear San Francisco I think of the “San Francisco treat” commercial and Karl Malden. I think you hear what you want to hear.

  • RW Rogers

    I first heard the term in 1984. It was used because the Democratic convention was held in San Francisco. It was there, at that time, that Walter Mondale promised to raise taxes if elected.

  • Wilky

    Supposedly David? Garrison Keillor Conservative? We get him quite a bit lately in our local newspaper, He doesn’t fall into moderate either(if he did, our paper wouldn’t be running him).

    First thing that comes to my mind is the extreme leftism in San francisco. Gay is so far down the list, but then I have quite a few gay friends. Wait, am I allowed to say that here. Don’t want to bust up the caricature of the right that some of you guys have around here.

  • JP

    When I hear someone utter that phrase, it’s usually in the context of a Republican (usually, the host of a radio program) whining about Nacy Pelosi.

  • gattsuru

    … speaking as a nutty conservative, when I think of San Fransisco, I think uberliberal policy running amuk first.

    While it’s also a gay mecca, that doesn’t really define it nearly as much. Uberliberal policy running amuk = stupid laws everywhere that invade my rights. Gay mecca = decently tasteful buildings, overpriced food.

    Of course, most people think Republican = homophobe, so who knows.

  • Dennis Raines

    Hmmm… I live in SF… and all I think is: “why is my rent so much, and why does that little foil packet of taco seasoning cost $2 at the grocery store?” For every Hybrid car I see, there are 15 SUV’s 1 of which is a Hummer.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    It’s a code-word just like New York is one of many right-wing code-words for Jews.

  • liberalhawk


    My dad (may he rest in peace) told me that during WW2 people asked him “Are you from New York” meaning “Are you Jewish”? Its not a rightwing thing, its just an old part of the culture.

    Today the usual right wing term for Jew is “pundit who explains our POV better than we are able to”

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