I don’t agree with my colleague Bob Woodward, who says the Obama administration is “moving the goalposts” when they insist on a sequester replacement that includes revenues. I remember talking to both members of the Obama administration and the Republican leadership in 2011, and everyone was perfectly clear that Democrats were going to pursue tax increases in any sequester replacement, and Republicans were going to oppose tax increases in any sequester replacement. What no one knew was who would win. …Ezra Klein, WaPo

Bob Woodward’s addled op-ed in the Washington Post has been countered by his younger colleague, Ezra Klein — a political analyst who understands that Washington isn’t the center of the universe.

If Republicans won, then that would pretty much settle it: No tax increases. If President Obama won, then that, too, would pretty much settle it.
The American people voted for the guy who wants to cut the deficit by increasing taxes.

In fact, they went even further than that. They also voted for a Senate that would cut the deficit by increasing taxes. And then they voted for a House that would cut the deficit by increasing taxes, though due to the quirks of congressional districts, they didn’t get one. …Ezra Klein, WaPo

True. But “quirks” is too polite. “Corruption” is closer to the point. The corrupt won those districts but lost many more. Even the Democrats who won were surprised at the extent of the win. The top 10% on the economic ladder lost that election decisively, even spectacularly if one takes into account the money that top 10% invested in defeating Obama andDemocrats running for Congress. Woodward and friends were shocked. But the full reality of that win doesn’t seem to have sunk in even now.

Here in DC, we can get a bit buried in Beltway minutia. The ongoing blame game over who concocted the sequester is an excellent example. But it’s worth remembering that the goalposts in American politics aren’t set in backroom deals between politicians. They’re set in elections. And in the 2012 election, the American people were very clear on where they wanted the goalposts moved to. …Ezra Klein. WaPo

The difference between Klein and Woodward is clear. Bob Woodward has been living with windows and doors sealed off from the outside world since the early ’80’s. Klein breathes the air we all breathe.

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  • zephyr

    Ezra Klein has it right. The voters made it pretty clear whose vision they prefer. Bob Woodward needs to get out more.

  • dduck

    Z, I’m confused, when a person votes for Obama, he automatically agrees with every position that was made before and during the campaign- even those voters who justr voted for a cool guy that says nice things and is a Dem.

    Rep voters on the other hand that went for MR, like me, opposed many of his positions. So are the Dem voters just automatons in lock step with Obama, and Rep voters more discriminating and able to differentiate from their party’s positions, agreeing with some positions and disagreeing with other positions. IMHO, both voters DO NOT agree with everything so “The voters made it pretty clear” does not hold water for me.
    BTW, over 70% of people polled (don’t ask me where) think that the deficit is an urgent problem to be worked on.

  • zephyr

    I should have been more specific dd, my comment was about tax increases:

    everyone was perfectly clear that Democrats were going to pursue tax increases in any sequester replacement

    That tax increases should be any sort of stumbling block at this juncture goes to the obstinance of the GOP imo, not the will of the people in general.

  • dduck

    You were specific in that you feel voters agree with POB’s tax position. My point is that voters don’t necessarily agree with specific positions and it is a reach when Dems or Reps assume it on higher taxes.