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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Politics | 4 comments

Video: Ann Romney’s Speech to the Republican Convention: A Game Changer or Not?

Republican hopes have been riding high that the speech by Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s wife Ann Romney would help Romney make up for some problems he has with women voters, and display a more human side of the nominee. Partisan reaction will be predictable (on most websites you know what they’ll say before they say it).

Here’s an interesting reaction from CNN’s David Gergen, who has served President of both parties, on Twitter:

In 2004, Barack Obama was born as a national star at the Democratic convention. Tonight it was Ann Romney’s turn. #CNN

Indeed: if Mitt Romney loses is there a political future for Ann Romney?

Here’s her speech so you can judge for yourself and make up your own mind:

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  • The_Ohioan

    She’s a charmer and can read a speech real good. If Mitt had one tenth of her ability to connect with a crowd, he’d be well up in the polls. I was put off by the couple of “built it” refrences, they just didn’t belong or ring true because they are built (pun intended) on a falsehood. Almost everything else rang true – well, maybe not the stuff about Mitt helping build pension funds, etc., but why quibble. She was great!

    Does she have a political future as a candidate? I doubt it, but I’d sure want her on the platform with me if I were a candidate. A star is born.

  • adelinesdad

    She’s good, but clearly not a natural or trained orator. There were times when it was clear she was reading from a teleprompter, and a little too quickly, slurring some words together. I guess those are the parts the speech writer insisted she say. But there was other times when she was great. I can’t see her as a candidate, but certainly an asset as a politician’s wife. But, that’s probably what people said about Hillary.

    As far as how effective she was, I set up a barometer of sorts. My wife is anti-political. I don’t know if she’s ever voted. Don’t judge. She’s laser focused on her family and community. Anytime I turn anything political on TV, it’s not long before she’s off doing something else. But this time I asked her to stay. She was Ann Romney’s audience: middle-class Mom who hadn’t been following the race. At first there was some eye-rolling and groaning (political rhetoric doesn’t impress her), but as the speech went on those became less frequent. At the end I asked her if it made her think about voting. “Maybe” she said, after a pause. I say to Ann, mission accomplished.

    (For the record, I probably won’t be voting for Romney, but I support whatever will get my wife out to vote, whoever she votes for.)

  • DaGoat

    Kind of a creepy cartoon there.

    I listened to part of her speech and as others have said she did pretty well for someone who doesn’t usually give speeches. I doubt the content will change a lot of minds.

  • dduck

    She was pretty good, the speech a little corny.

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