According to French newspaper Le Monde, the member states of the European Union have agreed to accept former prisoners from Guantanamo – with a few stipulations.

Among other things – that the prisoners in question have been ‘completely exonerated by the American Justice system.’ The article also informs that the United States has agreed to compensate E.U. states who accept these men – but only indirectly.

Lastly but certainly not least, Le Monde‘s Jean-Pierre Stroobants reports:

“Some European countries would also like Washington to sign a joint declaration stipulating that the fight against terrorism must respect fundamental human rights, that there will never be another Guantanamo and that the agreements banning torture will, from now on, be respected.”

By Jean-Pierre Stroobants

Translated By Alexandra Griffiths

May 29, 2009

France – Le Monde – Original Article (French)
European office, Brussels: The states of the European Union are close to an internal agreement on taking in former Guantanamo detainees. They are also negotiating with American authorities on possible – indirect – financial compensation for innocent prisoners who wish to settle in a European country.

On Thursday June 4 in Luxembourg, E.U. interior ministers will formalize the first draft. After lengthy negotiations, the E.U. Twenty-Seven have overcome most of their divisions. France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Belgium and Lithuania said they are, at this stage, ready to accept former prisoners from Guantanamo to help the Obama Administration shut down the camp by January 2010.

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