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Posted by on Jun 9, 2006 in At TMV | 60 comments

UPDATED: Senate Candidate Webb Caught In Bigotry Web

Yes, Virginia, in Virginia you should file this one in your Reprehensible Department File:

[Virginia] Senate candidate James H. Webb, President Reagan’s former Navy secretary, was criticized by his Jewish opponent Friday over a campaign flier that depicted the opponent with a hooked nose and cash spilling from his pockets.

The flier was intended for distribution among labor groups. It was titled “Miller the Job Killer,” referring to Webb’s opponent for the Democratic nomination in Tuesday’s primary, businessman Harris Miller.

TMV, you’re just being hypersensitive. What’s wrong with that? THEN READ MORE:

The flier, drawn in comic-book cartoon style, depicts Miller with a grotesquely-hooked nose and cash overflowing from his suit pockets as he orders an underling to find ways to export U.S. jobs overseas. The flier refers to Miller as the “anti-Christ of outsourcing.”

What’s wrong with that? He didn’t call him the “Christ Killer of outsourcing.” True. And he didn’t show him with horns, cutting a pound of flesh from a Christian child, or digging a new Grand Canyon in a Virginia neighborhood while trying to get a penny off the street.

But Miller has it right:

Miller called it “despicable.”

“One of the things I hoped we would keep out of this campaign, because it has nothing to do with the campaign, is my religion and my background,” Miller said.

And, indeed, we know that there is nostalgia in this country, but the days when people would play the “remember that he’s Jewish” card vanished back in the days when New York kept re-electing Senator Jacob Javits.

And Webb? Well, perhaps the best thing he didn’t say was that he was only “following orders” (from his political consultant). The response he gave wasn’t much better than that:

Webb said the flier was not intended to disparage Miller’s religion or heritage and apologized if it was perceived that way.

“I would not in any way look at that and say that it was anti-Semitic. Harris is the one who’s played the race card in this campaign by distorting my views on affirmative action,” said Webb, a Republican-turned-Democrat and best-selling author.

The apology is good news. Of course, the damage is done (and a message has been delivered to some voters). And what does it say about a candidate who would (a) allow such tripe in his campaign and (b) argue that he didn’t realize there was anything wrong about portraying his Jewish opponent in a cartoon with a big schnozz and being the “anti-Christ.”

And is he suggesting that if Harris distorted his views, then that gives him license to run a sterotypical cartoon about about his big-nosed anti-Christ Jewish opponent — a cartoon typical of what has run for hundreds of years and is still being run in certain parts of the world (SEE GRAPHICS).

Frankly, if independent voter TMV lived in Virginia, he’d be urging people to cast a protest vote and if Webb won he’d then cast another one himself and vote for Republican Sen. George Allen, who is seeking a second term. True, a protest vote is a harsh use of one’s vote, but it would be valid unless Webb fires some people or names the names of who was responsible.

On the other hand, even if he doesn’t do that perhaps Webb still does belong in a legislature.

But I don’t know the date of the next elections in Iran.

UPDATE by Holly in Cincinnati:
A reader found the Webb campaign flyer in question online and placed a link to it in the comments. Here is the LINK.

UPDATE II: Make sure you read our latest post on this issue as well.

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  • Thomas Jefferson

    So howbout showing the actual document instead of these antiques….

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    TJ – you can look at the Forbes article that Joe linked to (which doesn’t show the graphic) or at Webb’s websites (which don’t seem to show it either)

  • Kim Ritter

    Joe-Even if this is true, most Democrats would probably abhor this kind of campaign tactic. Its against everything that they stand for.

    This is the type of thing Karl Rove would do-so maybe Webb is a closet Republican running in a Dem. primary to get a shot at George Allen’s seat. Remember Jerry Kilgore’s negative campaign against Tim Kaine? Virginians, to their everlasting credit, rejected it, and voted for the person they felt most comfortable with.

  • Ginny

    Where does Kim Ritter get the idea that most Republicans would not “abhor” this tactic? Do you have representative examples of Republican anti-semitism? I see it regularly on the left but never believed Rove’s strategy wss to link neo-cons with all the old Semitic paranoia? Give me a break.

    And Democratic tactics against African-American Republicans have displayed plenty of bigotry (though admittedly not as central to those Democratic arguments as was true a generation or two before).

    By the way, I was going to link to this but felt uncomfortable without seeing the actual Webb flier. Is it available?

  • Actually, it is entirely possible that the picture itself was not seen by the Webb campaign staffers as anti-Jewish.

    Untill some years ago I did not realize that this sort of image was specifically aimed at Jewish people (unless said image contained a star of David). I thought they were just nonspeciffically hideous editorialisms. The recent focus on mideastern and European cartoons brought home the blood-libel nature of the imagery but it is imagery that a lot, perhaps most Americans don’t identify with and certainly for many of us gentiles doesn’t imediately register as such.

    I think that the fact that people don’t recognize a lot of the old blood libel visuals is significant progress.

    (I’m not suggesting more progress isn’t needed. Just making an observation )

  • Wouldn’t it be helpful here if we could see the actual flier, and not merely a description? I mean, is it possible the man’s being vilified wrongly?

  • sean

    I agree that this seems totally bogus without a graphic of the flier. Leave it to the MSM to think they should do the “analysis for us”. This is the blogosphere, if you’re too chicken to show the flier then don’t do a post on it. We have a right to do our own analysis.

  • BobOak

    That’s just ridiculous.

    Firstly Infoweek is the one that labeled Miller, secondly that cartoon looks like more Tom Tomorrow than any style, which is a liberal cartoon.

    To claim Webb is caught in a “bigot” web means you must just be afrid of him beating Allen or upset that he’s bringing attention to Miller’s intent to offshore outsource and displace Americans by manipulation of the US Visa system.

    The style doesn’t even come close to Nazi propaganda style and this is just a red herring last minute “McCain has a black baby” smear tactic.

  • GoldenGreg

    Democrats have been living and breathing hate since Bush was elected, where have you been?

  • Dan Friedman

    I am a Jew big time. But this is all blah, blah until someone does their homework and shows me the flyer.

  • Right. Here’s a link to a pdf:

    The Flyer In Question…

    Not as egregious as the poster’s Joe has shown above… but the hooked nose is pretty obvious, at least to this student of propaganda posters. YMMV, of course.

    I note also that characterizing someone as an “AntiChrist” is also way over the top.

    cordially, de Doc

  • Stephen_M

    What have we got here?
    A link to a Forbes piece which does not include the graphic. And quotes from a non-disinterested politician.
    Why would I adopt the perception of either of these two men? I don’t know either of them. And for all I know Miller might be as full of it as politicians often are when in campaign mode.
    But maybe they’re right about the graphic.
    Maybe Joe Gandelman’s evident outrage is well founded.
    But I note above that Gandelman’s “(SEE GRAPHICS)” does not refer to the graphic in question.
    It’s not posted or linked.

    Two graphics intended to insinuate what one should think about an unseen graphic.

    Propaganda – Propaganda is a specific type of message presentation directly aimed at influencing the opinions of people, rather than impartially providing information.

    Yes, all propaganda should be placed in the Reprehensible Department File.

    Oh, and the apology is not a good thing.

    Webb said the flier was not intended to disparage Miller’s religion or heritage and apologized if it was perceived that way.

    No person bears responsibility for what another perceives.

    Which is why I don’t expect nor would I accept an apology for my perception that this is a very, very emotion laden blog item which lacks enough facts to reasonably conclude… well, anything at all about the subject in question — the graphic.

    I wonder.
    Joe, have you seen the graphic?
    If so, why is it not posted?

    I’ll be moving along. Nothing to see here.

  • ic

    Whoever made that cartoon should be fired. I don’t care if it’s stereotyping Jews or not. May be Miller really has a hooked nose. We need to compare the cartoon with the person. But the cartoon’s just infantile, stupid, and pedestrian. Webb as a super hero? Are Deomocratic voters really that dumb and childish that they need a cartoon hero to save them from the Republicans?

  • Stephen_M

    Just caught the link to the graphic in de Doc’s comment as I posted my comment.

    I see your point Joe.

    How about linking to pertinent info yourself next time?

  • inkling

    After viewing the flyer, I have to agree it is very anti-semitic. I’m not Jewish (I’m even 25% German!), but Webb might as well have thrown in a Star of David made of snakes.

    The nose was bad, but the artist is pathetic; if that was the only issue, I could give him a pass. The “anti-Christ” line was very bad, but I could see how Webb could claim that he was merely quoting InfoWeek. Nevertheless, using that name towards any political opponent is beyond reasonable debate.

    But what cinched the deal for me was ‘toon Miller stating “Now get those jobs overseas now! Blame it on technology while I count my money!” That is Jew-baiting in the extreme. Add the other two elements and you have the ugliest campaign flyer I’ve seen outside a history book.

    I think the party bosses should consider censuring Webb. (And the cartoonist union should ban this clown — he makes Tom Tomorrow look skilled!)

  • I can’t believe a campaign manager with a college education (presumably) let this piece go out without thinking about how it may be looked at by people –and especially Jewish people. The money in the pocket, the perjoritive lobbyist reference, hook nose, the “anti-Christ” reference…way out of line.

    As a Jew, I’m constantly amazed at how offensive some people can be without it ever occuring to them that they may be offending someone. I’m thinking that this probably wasn’t intended to be an anti-Semitic attack but it surely succeeds as one. A shame.

  • Elrod

    This is what Harris Miller like. The cartoon actually does look a bit like him, not some stereotypical “Jew.” I think it’s a borderline case, to be honest. I’m Jewish and usually very sensitive to these things. Most likely it was a cartoonist channeling subconscious anti-Semitic stereotypes and not a deliberate attempt to portray Miller as a “greedy Jew.”

  • inmypajamas

    Wow, talk about massive quantities of tacky bad taste. Yikes! That flyer is ridiculous.

    It’s hard to imagine that the people who created this flyer didn’t know that calling anyone the “anti-Christ” is way over the top and off-putting to most of your intended audience. Whoever was responsible needs to find a new line of work.

    I have to chime in with Ken above that I didn’t realize that a typical anti-Semitic cartoon image was the hook-nosed, pockets full of money guy until the recent Danish cartoon controversy caused the reprint here of many old Nazi caricatures and current ME cartoons.

    Of course, Webb has to be identified as a “Republican-turned-Democrat” because only a Republican could ever be so crass, right? Democrats would certainly never stoop to anything this low. I’ll bet that wily Kathleen Ensz with her doggie deliveries is really just a Republican plant.

  • Joel Mackey

    The Moderate Voice should practice what it preaches, it is despicable for you to make the allegations you are making and run Nazi and jihaddist propaganda graphics while not showing the offending graphic for viewer appraisal.

    Fyi I am from Texas and could care less about Virginia senate democratic primaries so I am not attacking the messenger due to a campaign agenda, I just find rank hipocracy offensive.

  • Dave Hardy

    Uh–is this leaflet intended to get someone elected president of the fifth grade?

  • Joe

    FYI the original was not available when I posted this. Also FYI I do this blog in the middle of doing shows and often in the middle of 400 mile drives. Sorry, Joel, you consider me “despciable”. I made it very clear in the post that the graphics were not from the original. I guess you consider me an anti-semitic semite for running those graphics. Somehow life will go on. Even someone from Jupiter who just arrived would realize that I was showing those graphics to show what this kind of “art” is. I have no intention of running the original now and giving it more publicity. What I find despicable is someone running this stuff in their campaign — Repoublican Democrat or independent — and not totally repudiating it. That would lay it to rest. Saying the other guy played the race card on affirmative action ain’t a response. I honestly thought this kind of stuff vanished in the 21st century but then assimilated minority groups sometimes realize that there are moments of regression. And the “anti=christ?” Yes, maybe these are all coincidences. All the more reason for this hit “piece” (and it is a PIECE) to be repudiated. Also, I am NOT following this race in Virginia. I saw both candidates on TV and thought they were both actually pretty impressive; I covered immigration reform on the San Diego Union when Webb was secretary of the Navy and remember that he was considered a solid member of the cabinet. So you may think I’m “despicable” but my reaction is very much limited to a campaign piece that should have been immedidately, totally and UNCONDITIONALLY repudiated.

  • Joe

    BOB OAK: I’ll be a bit blunt. You automatically assume I’m afraid Webb will win. FYI I don’t care who wins in Virginia because I’m not following that race and I don’t have a vested interest in either party winning there. What I care about — if you read my posts on this site and those that I have done (and will do in the future) on other sites are core values. I know it’s very tough for people to understand that there are some Americans who care more about the political horse race these days, but we do exist. We don’t like this kind of poison being injected into the political system. I used to have a saying when I did news stories: “When in doubt leave it out.” That piece should have been left out of the campaign or totally and 100 percent unconditionally repudiated. There was an apology issued but it was coupled with “well, look what he did on affirmative action.” Sorry. A smart politician would have put a zillion miles between him and this kind of thing immediately.

    I love the comments on posts about the graphics when it was quite clear that they referred to historical depictions.

  • Mike G in Corvallis

    Uh, guys? You see those quote marks and the superscript “3” in that text? The phrase, “the anti-Christ of outsourcing” was quoted from an article in Information Week magazine (which I verified by using Google — you can, too!).

    The flier is amateurish and tacky and stupid, but I really don’t get the impression that any anti-Jewish stereotypes deliberately went into the making of it. I think the “artist” was just clueless, as was whatever person wrote the copy. Massively clueless.

    Both caricatures of Miller seem to be simplifications of photographs takes from the Web and easily found via Google (the first has already been noted by Elrod, see here, for what may be the source for the second one). Hell, my nose looks like that — if someone drew me like that I might not be particularly pleased. But neither Miller nor I look like Robert Redford, so whaddaya gonna do?

    Frankly, I think that Joe’s use of Nazi cartoons in place of what seem to be readily available images that have actual relevance to the topic being discussed is at least as reprehensible as the original flier was. And speaking of non-excuses, Joe’s excuse is pretty frickin’ feeble, kinda like: “Oh, I didn’t have his photo available, so I used Charlie Manson’s as generically representative of someone I don’t like. I made it very clear in the post that the graphics were not from the original.”

    Looks like Godwin’s Law should be invoked on both Webb and Gandelman — game over, fellas. You have nothing serious to say. Feh.

  • demerson

    After comparing Miller’s Poster Nose to Miller’s Actual Nose I’m unpersuaded that Webb deserves to be labeled a bigot. Face it, Harris Miller has a huge schnoz. The Webb poster was done in cartoonish style which tends to exaggeration. And, who would expect the depiction of a political opponent to be flattering? Childish electioneering perhaps and not the kind of message that would sway my vote, but, the way I see it:

    1. The proboscis – so what. Unless we’re ready to condemn as anti-semitic any depiction of a possible Jew with a generous honker.
    2. The cash filled pockets – seems fair game. References to businessmen lining their pockets with money is a cliche, and not a religious one.
    3. The anti-Christ reference. Poor judgment. Name-calling isn’t very persuasive, especially when quoting an un-named source. But it’s only two words out of several hundred in the piece.
    4. Even the name “Harris Miller” could be Jewish or non-Jewish.

    So, I suppose we can’t be too sensitive for fear of giving offense, but it seems to me that Miller doth protest too much…especially for someone who claims he grew up in the steel and coal country. By overplaying the anti-semite card, it raises doubt in my mind whether he can handle the rough and tumble of electoral politics.

  • Daryl Herbert

    In re: demerson’s comment:

    1 – I also went out and looked up different pictures of Miller, and I came to the same conclusion: that’s just an accurate cartoon representation. They didn’t give him a bigger nose, so therefore they didn’t give him a bigger nose because he’s jewish. Just do a Google Image Search for “Harris Miller” and you will see.

    I didn’t even have to check whether the man in the pictures was the same Harris Miller, because he looked so much like the figure from the comic.

    2 – Cash-filled pockets: a standard way of showing someone as being too rich. Don’t forget that Harris Miller was a corporate lobbyist. In looking for pictures of him, I find lots of him in a suit standing next to big business fat cats from around the world.

    3 – Anti-Christ reference: I think this is worse than demerson allows, it could be an insult based on Harris not being Christian (which would then also serve as a reminder that he’s not Christian, which is not legitimte in political advertising).

    But the anti-Christ reference was not invented by Webb. It’s from a column in Information Week
    (and the column is not anti-Semitic, either)

    4 – I don’t get why it matters whether his name is obviously Jewish. I think most people would know he’s Jewish, even if they wouldn’t figure it out from his name. In fact, if they hadn’t figured it out from his name, telling them at this point would be totally illegitimate.

    Harris Miller was a fat-cat lobbyist for outsourcing. Not that I’m convinced that’s a terrible thing, but I am convinced that he resembles a lot of the remarks made about him in the flier, and he resembles the caricature.

    He’s probably even been waiting all along to bust out with the anti-Semitism argument as a counter to just how unpopular being a fat-cat lobbyist is.

  • Daryl Herbert

    Re: Elrod’s comment: I’m also from a Jewish background, and I’m very sensitive to these things, as well. I was ready to completely believe what Mr. Gandelman was saying. I wanted to look up the flier for myself, not because I doubted Mr. Gandelman, but because I wanted to see what sort of anti-Semitism was really floating around out there in America today. I was surprised that what he described would really be circulated as part of a Congressional campaign.

    re: Inkling’s comment:

    But what cinched the deal for me was ‘toon Miller stating “Now get those jobs overseas now! Blame it on technology while I count my money!” That is Jew-baiting in the extreme. Add the other two elements and you have the ugliest campaign flyer I’ve seen outside a history book.

    Except that Miller actually is a political lobbyist who lobbied on behalf of outsourcing. If they invented this, and ascribed it to Miller just because he’s a Jewish businessman, that would be anti-Semitism.

    But it’s no worse to point out that Miller was a lobbyist for outsourcing than it would be to point out, in a California political race, that one of the candidates used to be an executive at a big Virginia tobacco company. There’s a reason it’s unpopular.

    I’m also in complete agreement with everyone who says Joe should have put an image of the flier, here. It would have been much better to use no images at all than to bring in Nazi propaganda before you’ve even made a conclusive showing of anti-Semitism.

  • HA

    This is a ridiculous pre-meditated smear against Webb. The artwork is a typical caricature and the anti-Christ comment is merely a quote from some union official.

    The Forbes artical slams the caricature as a “grotesquely hooked nose” and then fails to include the caricature so that readers can judge for themselves. Why is that? I would start looking into the author’s connections.

    Yes, there should be an apology in this incident. I would expect Webb to accept it graciously.

  • Mongo

    What a lot of to-do about nothing. Who cares?

  • Kim Ritter

    Oops-just read my previous comment and now realize how lame it sounded! What I meant to say was that Democratic voters wouldn’t respond positively to an anti-Semitic campaign, so it would backfire on the perpetrator. I didn’t mean that the Democratic Party wouldn’t use whatever was available to win.They have even used racist tactics when black candidates run as Republicans, which is totally vile.

    Also my comment on this (if true of course) being a Rovian tactic was not specifically aimed at anti-Semitism (as far as I know he courts the Jewish vote), but in focussing on one aspect of a candidate and using that aspect to destroy their candidacy–i.e. swift-boating of John Kerry. Will try to express myself more clearly next topic!

  • The caricature itself wouldn’t be enough to accuse Webb’s campaign of anti-Semitism, but coupled with he “anti-Christ” and “Job Killer” stuff and the accusations of money-grubbing, it sure looks like an attempt to play off the old anti-Semitic stereotypes.

    Also, footnote one seems to subtly suggest that beaheading is a fit punishment for holding views Webb doesn’t like.

    And anyone who writes a novel, but doesn’t know the difference between “rein” and “reign,” has to be viewed with suspicion.

  • Joel Mackey

    Thats rich, a “professional” journalist using his blog to report in traditional “Professional” Journalist fashion, and then blaming the lack of completeness on his blog style posting.

    Your commentors did not have a problem posting a copy of the flyer.

    There is this site called google where you can do quick searches, and be pretty successful at finding all sorts of things, you should check it out, you might even want to bookmark it.

  • Joel Mackey

    LOL, congratulations though, you have managed to unintentionally smear Mr Miller.

    Go do an image search on google for “virginia senate candidate miller” and two picures come up, one is your “Der Jude” graphic and the other is a head shot of Miller in a blue suit and red tie.

    An ironic juxtaposition for your graphic, considering this article, dont you think?

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    The cigar is ALSO typical anti-Semitic imagery. Since a reader found and posted a link to the flyer, I will add it to Joe’s post.

  • Kevinbutnottheregisteredone

    Wow, you really should remove those pictures from this post. They are very misleading, as I thought the first one was the flier itself.

  • inkling


    Thanks for your comments. My point (which I probably didn’t express terribly well) was that all three of the elements taken together prove anti-Semitism to my eyes. If any one of these elements were shown on their own (nose, “anti-Christ,” “count my money”), I would just consider it an honest mistake. But by employing one stereotype after another after another, it appears all-too-intentional.

    I don’t live in Virginia, I’m not Jewish, and learned of Webb by reading his wonderful book Born Fighting and by serving in the Navy while he was its excellent secretary. But Webb is courting the rural, southern, old Scots-Irish vote, and I believe he crossed an ugly line here.

    He is a VERY highly educated, sophisticated man who cannot claim ignorance. And by thinking rural white voters would cotton to this kind of nonsense, he discredits his natural constituency.

  • Tano

    Joe writes:

    “Even someone from Jupiter who just arrived would realize that I was showing those graphics to show what this kind of “art” is.”

    This is truly bizarre. Joe tries to defend himself by admitting to the offense.

    This is exactly what you are being charged with Joe. You are reproducing Nazi stuff with the intent of making the case that this is exactly the kind of art that the flyer represents.

    Without showing us the flyer.

    Now that I have seen it, it seems obvious to me that the flyer doesnt resemble Nazi propaganda at all. Not even close.

    Sorry, but any candidate who plays around with anti-Semitic stuff deserves full condemnation. But this doesnt qualify by a long shot. It is an over-the-top hit piece, plain and simple.

    I realize the pressures of feeding your blog audience, but sometimes it is better to hold off posting until you have the relevant material at hand, and a moment or two to reflect on the appropriatness of the charges you are about to make. Especially when you are about to charge someone with a reprehensible act.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Only someone who cannot read would think this:

    “Wow, you really should remove those pictures from this post. They are very misleading, as I thought the first one was the flier itself.”

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Tano et al: You need to go educate yourself – this is classic anti-Semitic propaganda.

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Here are some of Harris Miller’s endorsements

    D.C. Building &Construction Trades Council Endorses Miller (6/7/06)

    IBEW Locals Endorse Harris Miller for Senate (6/1/06)


  • Joe

    Well, Joel, I’m glad you enjoy the blog and it gives you so much pleasure. To those who don’t think this fits in with classic antisemitic propaganda I will not only post the original today (saturday) but find a few more images which coincidentally have the same look as that campaign cartoon. Sorry, Joel, than if someone’s in a car driving 300 miles they can’t get on the internet to keep finding it the cartoon has been posted. The reality is few people who blog are sitting at computers 24 hours a day. And I don’t feel at all regretful about that post after seeing the original and knowing what an antisemitic caricature is. Holly and some others noted it as well.
    As for Webb, I love it when I note that I liked the guy when he worked for Reagan but I get emails and see comments saying I somehow have it for the guy politically. This is my last comment on this. I’ll do that post with the original and some others – and I KNOW I’ll get people saying “why this isn’t the same thing” because some folks now have a vested interest in saying the drawing was…well…I guess something that didn’t have a shred of ethnic caricature in it and actually was complimentary to anyone who’s Jewish…

  • Holly in Cincinnati

    Good Morning Joe!

  • Joel Mackey


    “But Webb is courting the rural, southern, old Scots-Irish vote, and I believe he crossed an ugly line here. ”

    That is an extremely bigoted statement. Please back up that statement with factual evidence.

  • Bryon Scott

    Check out this photo of Miller:

    I’m having a hard time seeing where the flyer is anti-semetic. The cartoon looks very much like Miller. As far as the money in the pocket is concerned, isn’t cash an open-season subject in politics?

  • furious

    It gets even worse…if you look closely at the Miller henchman in the Webb campaign cartoon, he has a toothbrush mustache.

    And, yes, Democrats do need cartoon characters to tell them how to vote. They’re just that childish and stupid.


  • inkling


    Here’s what I typed…

    But Webb is courting the rural, southern, old Scots-Irish vote, and I believe he crossed an ugly line here.

    He is a VERY highly educated, sophisticated man who cannot claim ignorance. And by thinking rural white voters would cotton to this kind of nonsense, he discredits his natural constituency.

    Webb’s excellent book, Born Fighting is about how the rural, southern, old Scots-Irish voters are being ignored, but should be courted. He lays out the political strategy in the book and is following it today. If I’m a bigot for mentioning “rural, southern, old Scots-Irish voters”, then Webb must really be a bigot for writing an entire book about them.

    Obviously, in my last sentence I defend that group of people because I know the majority wouldn’t fall for that old ugly strategy. It’s revealing that Webb thinks they would.

  • Joel Mackey

    My bad, that last sentence didnt actually make it all the way up my optic nerve to my brain I guess.

    Still, I dont quite understand your argument, no democrat courts anyone that is rural unless it is with farm subsidies, the cost/benefit is just not there (they piss off too many urban voters if they stray from farm subsidies). And as the blue/red map clearly shows, democrat voters reside in high population areas, even in red states.

    most rural whites are mainly republicans except for some yellow dog scenarios.

  • Oh, the flyer is available and has been available.

    The Moderate bullshitter just chose not to post it on the initial link.

    And by the bye, nearly every progresive bloggers staunchly, almost rabidly supports Jim Webb.

  • Oh, the flyer is available and has been available.

    The Moderate bullshitter just chose not to post it on the initial post

    And by the bye, nearly every progresive bloggers staunchly, almost rabidly supports Jim Webb.

  • I mean, nearly every progressive Virginia blogger.

    Harris Miller is a shameless opportunist who told Lowell from Raising Kaine that he planned to use his religion to fight George Allen.

    Well, it looks like he decided he couldn’t wait until the fall; especially since nearly every national Democrat, from John Murtha, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Howard Dean (all right, not Howard Dean, just his brother), and on down the line has endorsed JIM WEBB>

  • red

    I am really disappointed in Webb. I admired his leadership in the Navy and his writing. Who would guess he would allow this anti-semitic strain into his politics?

    I looked at Miller’s photo and really cant tell from a frontal picture if his nose is accurately represented or not. But coming from the oh so senstive Democrats, the party apogee of political correctness, how could this bright line be strayed over? We are really quibbling about the size of a nose? I thought Jewish people were an important part of the Democratic Party. Perhaps no longer.

    The money grubbing, the cigar, the Hitlerian assistant standing at ‘at ease’. And then superhero Webb telling the ‘*****Killer to shut up’.

    This is how to communicate in Democratic politics? Calling each other The Anti-Christ??? Using our religion to fight each other?

    It makes you wish they could both lose.

  • observer 5

    The cartoon looks like Miller.

    Whom should it have looked like, Michael Jackson?

    This is a last minute hit on Webb by the Republicans, who are very afraid to face Webb.

    Allen could beat Miller with one hand tied behind his back, on the other hand.

  • walter

    Seeing the number of comments here dismissing Webb’s anti-semitic propaganda piece, it seems that deficient secondary education ought to be a hot item in Virginia politics. This is a cut-and-paste of very old antisemitic images, ones that are generally covered in US history textbooks that cover the 20th century.

    I’m willing to bet that even the most “progressive” schools in Virginia still teach some form of history and that similar images appear in the textbooks. After all, why use such stereotyped images in a political propaganda piece if they are not familiar to the target audience?

    If I were a Virginian, I would be insulted that Mr. Webb had such a low opinion of my decency and such sure confidence in being able to manipulate my emotions with racist images. Instead, I am a Texan and left to wonder pretty much the same thing about the “progressives” here.

    Sadly, I am old enough to remember that the Democratic party is the party of Jim Crow, indeed of every form of institutionalized racism back to and including chattel slavery. Surprized to find open anti-semitism in Democrat campaign literature? Hardly. Nice to see the party getting back to its roots.

    Sad to see Jim Webb, once an honorable and ever an intelligent man, sunken low enough to use it and so lost to honor that he won’t own the shame of it.

  • Pyst

    Walter, the same democrats that championed Jim Crow laws jumped ship politically in the late 60’s. They joined the republican party, and helped develop the “southern strategy”, and lately they crafted the anti-gay marriage amendment. See these are the people that like using constitutions, and gov. to deny civil rights, so get your targets right nextime.

    I’ve noticed those on the right are always very quick to pounce on anyone not of their ilk over issues like this. And let me tell ya the right has no room whatsoever to point a finger, lest it be struck by lightning.

  • Semite Auntie

    Please!! I don’t particularly like Webb, but calling this cartoon “anti-semitic” is ridiculous! Juvenile– Yes! Unconvincing– Yes! Stupid– Yes! But anti-semitic? Only if you are a paranoid (which seems to be Americans favorite passtime lately). Looking on the cartoon objectively, there is nothing in it that suggests his opponent is a jew. Nothing in it that suggests that being jewish is bad. As for the damning “hook nose,” does the drawing resemble his opponent or not?? If he has a hook nose, what are you supposed to do? Give him plastic surgery to avoid cynical over-reaction?

    If no one knows or cares that his opponent is Jewish, and his opponent has not made a big deal out of his “Jewishness,” then the anti-semitic charge just falls on its face. It is completely illegitimate to say “if this were printed in Nazi Germany, they would know what it means,” since it was NOT printed in Nazi Germany. That’s like saying printing a picture of Muhammad in Peoria has the same meaning as doing it in Tehran.

    This whole “controversy” is just being cynically stoked by Webb’s opponents. Period.

  • And here I thought critical thinking was your forte, Joe, but on this topic, you and your sycophants appear to me to have completely lost touch with reality, for the reasons already so ably stated by your commenters who haven’t lost touch with this critical (no pun intended) skill.

  • liberalhawk

    i live in virginia.

    A candidate who’s running as a protectionist, whos running as a populist anti-elitist but who has NO substantive program on economics or social justice – who in fact was a Reagan cabinet member who endorsed George Allen and George Bush in 2000 – who is, AFAICT, a generic right wing Republican, who joined the Dems out of bitter hatred of “chicken hawk neocons” well, can I say Im hardly surprised at this?

    Maybe instead of being “born fighting” (yup, thats Webbs slogan) its better to be born thinking. Of course Born fighting is also a reference to Webbs book about the Scots Irish – odd, to point out his origins so strongly as a selling point.

    “progressive” blogs have endorsed him – except to me the fact that Kos and his followers have endorsed Webb is a sign of just how unprogressive they are, how much theyve dropped substantive liberalism for sheer anger. Those are the same blogs who support a nobody against the distinguished Senator from Connecticut. Time for them to stop and reflect, maybe.

    I was already planning to vote for Miller. Miller is an actual liberal with programs to improve the lives of ordinary people. Webb has only two real issues i can see – protectionism, and anger about Iraq. I disagree with him on both. But this confirms me in my vote.

  • liberalhawk

    ” especially since nearly every national Democrat, from John Murtha, John Kerry, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, ”

    Reid and Schumer want one more seat, and think Webb has a better chance in the polls. Isnt that JUST the kind of poll driven, manipulative politics Kos and pals are supposed to be against? Or are they only against it when it doesnt play their way. oh, the cynicism, the hypocrisy.

    As for Murtha and Kerry, well that says enough right there.

  • Miller is a joke

    Another obviosly anti-semitic Miller cartoon is here :
    This one precedes his campaign !!! The “Deutschen 4th Reich Werewolves” have been after him for a long time.

    I found the direct Nazi cartoon from with the Harris slur was copied:
    Unretouched Nazi propagand here


  • Apparently, Christ is well known in some circles for his protectionist trade policies.

  • Eric

    I found the similarities between Webb’s character and a member of the Nazi SA a bit worrisome as well. Whomever did the art for this thing should have stuck to drawing Marilyn Manson on their notebooks.

    TITLE: Is James Webb a Fascist?
    BLOG NAME: Classical Values
    Glenn Reynolds is tsk-tsking along with others, but how many people have seen the cartoon rather than read a lurid description? I think the spin is more than a little misleading, particularly because the drawings, while bad, are fairly accurate…

    TITLE: Anti-Semitism In Virginia Senate Race?
    BLOG NAME: Dean’s World
    Hmm. Joe Gandelman thinks the Democratic challenger to Senator Harris Miller in Virginia’s upcoming ele…

    TITLE: Anti-Semitic Baiting
    BLOG NAME: The Agitator
    Joe Gandelman smears James Webb, a candidate for the U.S. Senate who’s running in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. Gandelman…

    TITLE: James Webb Accused of Anti-Semitism in Democratic Primary
    BLOG NAME: Outside The Beltway | OTB
    Former Reagan Navy Secretary and now Democratic Senate hopeful from Virginia James Webb is being accused of anti-Semitism for a flier produced against his opponent Harris Miller.
    Senate candidate James H. Webb, President Reagan’s former Navy secr…

    TITLE: I’m Going To Have To Disagree With Joe
    BLOG NAME: Blue Crab Boulevard

    Joe Gandelman has a post about a campaign flyer that was written in response to an AP article published in Forbes. It would appear that Gandelman wrote the entire post based on that article. And I think he got sucker-punched by the AP's m…

    TITLE: Anti-semitism or exploitation of an opponent’s ugly mug?
    BLOG NAME: Blind Mind’s Eye
    Is James Webb an anti-semetic bigot, or is he just very bad at choosing people with artistic talent for his campaign? If you listen to Harris Miller, you would think that Webb was trying out to be the next Senator Byrd. It all started over this flier t…

    TITLE: Buying An Election in Virginia
    BLOG NAME: Dean’s World
    Over the weekend Joe Gandelman posted this charge about Jim Webb, Democratic contender in the party’s primary tomorrow. His challenger, Harris Miller, made mill…

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