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Posted by on Jul 14, 2013 in Business, Crime, Education, Finance, Politics | 0 comments

United States of Corruption?

bribery (1)

If one goes by the findings published in the latest Transparency International report, 76%
of the respondents in the United States felt that political parties were corrupt/extremely corrupt. Transparency in campaign and political financing suffered a major setback in 2010. This followed a Supreme Court decision that de facto removed all limits to political spending by corporations and unions. The decision led to the creation of “super” political action committees, or “Super PACs”, permitting unlimited financing for political campaigns – and without donor disclosure. As a result, wealthy individuals, interest groups and businesses can increase their influence on the country’s political system. More here…

Last week, Transparency International published its 2013 Corruption Barometer, which reports the findings of a survey of 114,000 people in 107 countries on their interactions with corruption, the institutions and sectors they see as most corrupt, and their perceptions on whether they have a role in combating corruption. The report captures a number of trends, including the view that corruption is worsening across many sectors; it also calls for governments to strengthen their accountability platforms and enhance standards for procurement and public financial management. See here…

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