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Posted by on Dec 8, 2006 in At TMV | 6 comments

Too Eerie

An Illinois politician with around seven years in the State Senate and another two in Congress contemplating a Presidential run? Why, it’s like something out of the middle of the 19th century!

That’s a bit too coincidental, no?

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  • talent resists suppression.

    Also like Abe, Obama could get elected through an unpredictable combination of circumstances.

  • Kurt

    Hey, if Jimmy Carter can be “a well respected president” then anyone can be president.

  • vwcat

    here in Illinois, we know this. cool.

  • Kim Ritter

    Kurt-I have a lot more respect for Carter, than I do for GW Bush. What will the effects of his legacy be on our children and grandchildren? The massive debt that he accumulated? Global warming which he willfully ignored? Anarchy in failed states in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan? The loss of a unique major city due to inaction during Katrina?

  • Krous

    I never did feel that Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. I feel that he has been way over rated. As for Obama, I would rather see Al Gore become president with Dennis Kucinich as vice. Let Obama run through at least one full senate term so that we can identify and correct his weaknesses.

  • CaseyL

    My only cavil about Obama running in ’08 is lack of experience at the national level, but that has to be balanced by the fact that experience in the Senate is not, historically and institutionally, really all that helpful if you want to be President.

    I’m… cautiously excited by the possibility. Excited for the obvious reasons (the only thing he’s done that’s bothered me at all is his rather absurd insistance that fundamentalist evangelicals have anything to say worth listening to). Cautious – well, that’s for pretty obvious reasons, to.

    Let’s see what he does in the Senate now that the Dems are the majority. Esp. since it’s a thin majority, and therefore offers some real opportunities for Obama to show leadership capabilities, although lack of seniority means he isn’t chairing any committees, so he doesn’t have a built-in pulpit. Even that could be a plus: he’s free to define himself, and his leadership style, outside the boundaries. If he can do that, it’ll speak volumes about his ability to manage and lead.

    Wishing Gore would run is a pleasant fantasy, but I do Gore the courtesy of taking him at his word: he isn’t running in ’08.

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