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Posted by on Dec 20, 2005 in At TMV | 0 comments

Time‘s (underwhelming) People of the Year

Is it April Fool’s Day? No, it’s just the occasion of Time‘s yearly foray into nonsense…

Not that I’ve ever cared much about the nonsense that is Time‘s XXXXX of the Year award (man, woman, thing, being, etc.), but this year’s recipients, Bill and Melinda Gates and U2’s Bono, seem particularly underwhelming to me. That is, the award seems particularly underwhelming to me this year. Which is not to say that the richest man (couple) in the world and the world’s most pretentious rock star are underwhelming in and of themselves. The Gateses are extraordinary philanthropists (but who wouldn’t be with that kind of money?) and Bono’s mouth is often in the right place (even if his loudmouthed, media-mongering do-gooding is often quite annoying, much like his recent musical efforts). But, honestly, do they deserve this award?

Time titles its cover story “The Good Samaritans”. So that’s what this is about? Rewarding high-profile good deeds? But why not all the volunteers who poured into tsunami-ravaged South and Southeast Asia and earthquake-ravaged Pakistan earlier in the year? Or the volunteers who stood firm during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Or… or… or… Why not give the award to The Unknown Samaritan, the person who isn’t a rock star (an aging, mediocre one) or a new technology billionaire (a visionary, to be sure, but also one who has succeeded by squelching the competition). Yes, these are three good people, I’m sure, but…

Well, suffice it to say that there were far more deserving candidates this past year. (Like Ariel Sharon.) For more (including some other suggestions), see here.

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