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Posted by on Jul 30, 2009 in Arts & Entertainment, Politics, Society | 12 comments

Theme Song For Today’s Barack Obama White House Beer Summit

Today is the big day — a day that will go down in history: at 6 p.m. EST President Barack Obama will sit down at the White House’s first beer summit with a lreading African-American professor and the policeman who arrested him. Obama’s comments about the arrest added fuel to the polarizing fire — and this is his attempt to defuse it via a low-key session where the three deep six the rhetoric and lift some cool ones.

But shouldn’t there be a theme song for this event? What’s a President to do? Never fear: here’s one suggested theme song that could be played right before the three take their first sip:

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  • shannonlee

    This meeting is a terrible idea. There is no need for it. All this is doing is dragging out an incident that should have died in the media a long time ago.

    Obama should have dropped this after he backed off his original comments.

  • qwert321

    There really isn’t that much to be gained from this beer summit. Crowley won’t apologize, Gates sure the hell won’t apologize.

    On the other hand, this photo-op can be a diaster if Gates tries to lay some passive agressive crap on Crowley.

    Nothing to be gained, much to be lost. This beer summit is a huge mistake.

  • jwest

    I believe Obama should have both the man and the horse in question over to the White House for a beer to straighten this whole matter out.

    (Statistically speaking, it’s unlikely this guy is a Republican)

    • jchem

      Geez, jwest, talk about disturbing. I’m not sure how that story ties into Joe’s theme song post, but after thinking about it, how about we settle for some Toby Keith and Beer for My Horses?

  • qwert321

    By the way, Joe, your taste in anime is as bad as your politics. Those are some ugly ass characters.

  • StockBoySF

    Theme song: Rocky….

    No pun intended πŸ™‚

  • pacatrue

    Qwert, we have enough idiots on these boards bashing people for daring to think with their own mind. Please don’t add to it.

  • qwert321

    Qwert, we have enough idiots on these boards bashing people for daring to think with their own mind. Please don’t add to it.

    Yes, I’m sure he’s deeply hurt that I think his taste in anime sucks. Lighten up.

  • $199537
  • SteveK

    I’d recommend Jimmy Buffett’s “Why don’t we get drunk and sc**w”. (No link provided because I don’t want to offend the “you’re not supposed to talk about ‘it‘” or the “‘it’s’ only for procreation” crowd.)

    Choice #2… with link: Alan Jackson’s “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”.

    Call me naive… Accuse me of abandoning my principles… Call it unilateral compromise… I don’t care it’s Five O’clock Somewhere. Jimmy helps Jackson finish the song AND if you just don’t like country… Jimmy Buffett’s WDWGDAS is but a few keystrokes away… but you’ll have to find it yourself.

  • StockBoySF

    Slightly related…. So with this first White House Beer Summit… Does this mean there will be future WH Beer Summits whenever a white officer arrests a black man and there may be racial overtones? πŸ™‚

  • DLS

    The only thing arguably more stupid than this idiotically hyped PC-PR appearance at the White House has been the hype in announcing it as well as the related activists out of the shadows impugning our “society” for all kinds of imagined sins.

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