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Posted by on Apr 18, 2012 in Politics | 1 comment

The Race is Either Dead Even or Really Tight

A New York Times report today shows the Obama-Romney race is already very, very close.

Mitt Romney has solidified support within his party for the presidential nomination after Rick Santorum’s exit from the race, but is locked in a tight race with President Obama as attention turns to the general election phase of the campaign, the latest New York Times/CBS News poll finds.

Registered voters are evenly split between Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama. The poll finds 46 percent support Mr. Obama, while as many prefer Mr. Romney. Last month’s Times/CBS News poll also showed a close race, with 47 percent supporting Mr. Obama and 44 percent Mr. Romney.

A majority of Republican primary voters – 54 percent – now say they would like to see Mr. Romney nominated, including a plurality of evangelical Christians, a group that had formed Mr. Santorum’s base of support. Newt Gingrich is backed by 20 percent of Republican voters, while Ron Paul draws 12 percent support. …NYT

When those Gingrich and Paul voters get into the voting booth, where does at least some of their support go?

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