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  • JeffersonDavis

    Best cartoon I’ve seen in a while.

    But it took me a while to see it.
    I had to put down my Cuervo, get off the couch and go to the computer. Then I dropped my cigarette ash in my cheese fries. Man! I can’t get a break!


  • Father_Time

    Amazing how the cartoon suggests a discipline regiment for the population of supposedly “free” Americans, but does not suggest responsibility for businesses that produce products and creates lifestyles for “free” people to follow or consume. We cannot offend the Capitalist God that we pay alms to everyday, but people must be whipped into shape by reprecussion and guilt…..which….brings us back to God you bunch of horrible sinners.

    • Dr J

      No, Father Time, businesses do not “create lifestyles,” people do.

      • Father_Time

        Television does not create lifestyles? Your computer has created a lifestyle for you because you are sitting in front of it. You are a simple slave living in complete denial and it is so funny. You see, you cannot even begin to change until you recognize and admit your problem.

      • Gegenschattenbild

        What are businesses, but groups of people working toward one or more goals? Seems the goal all business has in common is profit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it seems true to me.

        And it’s also obvious to me that sometimes businesses create products for a perceived new market, and sometimes they create markets for a new product by suggesting that there is a need or desire for it. It’s not a one-way street. Yet both processes are driven primarily by the profit motive. Again, not that there’s a problem there, per se. But that profit motive can really twist people (businesses) to do things that are good for the bottom line but bad for the society.

        • Dr J

          Whatever their motives, businesses ultimately create choices, through which people make their own way. They may steer toward health or toward hedonism, but they’re ultimately in the driver’s seat.

          • Gegenschattenbild

            Businesses may create choices, but they also sometimes restrict or remove choices. Let’s look at broadcast television as an example.

            Five huge companies control 95% of all the media available on broadcast television. Ever wonder why all the news shows are showing the same stories?

  • DLS

    It’s not the place of businesses, and much less still, government, to decide what are “appropriate” lifestyle decisions. Note that it has always been a Big Lie that people are helpless consumers under mind control of Evil Corporations and corporate advertising.

  • the cartoon is funny, as is the discussion, but seriously, does it REALLY increase health care cost if a smoker dies young? Let’s face it, regardless of what healthy lives we live, we are most likely to die of the same things: 1 heart disease, 2 cancer, 3 respiratory disease (BTW, it’s often a euphemism for “old age” since if you manage not to get heart disease or cancer, you’ll die anyway, usually because a simple cold progresses to pneumonia) or 4 [tie] liver disease and diabetes.

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