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Posted by on Sep 30, 2009 in Politics | 3 comments

The Bipartisan Consenus…

for incivility.

It reminded me of this:

So, at least on incivility, there does seem to be bipartisan agreement in Washington. The pols like it…except when the other party does it.

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  • Leonidas

    Yup, incivility enjoys a wide bipartisan support.

  • tidbits

    Bacterial scum thrives in a polluted pond.

  • jchem

    Hmm…usually a post like this goes up to highlight just how much lower the Repubs have managed to set the bar with regards to civility. Then someone comes in to say “well, they do it too” and the cycle continues. Kudos to you, Mark; you managed to take care of all of it right up front.

    Unfortunately, the good folks over at ThinkProgress seem to think that Grayson just “intentionally over-stated his case”. Their title says it all,

    Grayson’s Right: Under The Republican Plan, ‘Don’t Get Sick’ (Or You Might Have To ‘Die Quickly’)

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