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Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 in Economy | 6 comments

Ten Years of Madness

Two dozen millionaires from Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength lobbied congress and gave them this message – raise our taxes.

Fink tells it like it is:

Kate Bolduan: One argument that many Republicans make is that taxing the job creators will hurt job creation.

Charlie Fink: I think that’s a lie.  Every consideration regarding an employee had to do with demand for our product.  It had nothing to do with taxes.

Give them hell Charlie!

Via Hullabaloo


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  • slamfu

    In my time working in 4 start ups, and having made decisions on hiring and firing scores of people over the last 10 years, he is right. Never, not once, did the federal income tax rate ever enter into the discussion for either case. What a wonderfully simple way to state the obfuscated obvious.

  • EEllis

    Did the cost of the employee come up? That is something we always worried about, how much an employee cost us. Since we billed customers for the hours any increase in cost was passed to clients which had a real chance of effecting if we got work. Of course we could cut prices but then we would be looking to cut somewhere else …….. Of course I wasn’t at a “start up” or a software guy like Fink. I was at a little podunk company working out of my house never knowing how long we would last. The idea that your costs don’t figure into anything just seems odd to me.

  • bluebelle

    How many times will Republicans repeat the tired meme that taxing job creators kills jobs? We have had very low taxes on the top 1% for a decade now, and the unemployment rate is both unyielding and unhealthy.

    It is a long-held corporate myth that low taxes and deregulation lead to a booming economy. They lead to rising inequality, air and water pollution and paradise for investors.

  • ShannonLeee

    “Every consideration regarding an employee had to do with demand for our product. It had nothing to do with taxes”


  • JeffP

    Thanks to the people here who are sharing these comments about their businesses and business Taxes.

  • rudi

    High taxes and a welfare state doesn’t translate into economic oppression(not freedom). Many EU countries, even Scandinavia, have “economic freedom” and growth even with high taxes. Denmark is taxed at nearly 50-% of GDP, yet it’s economy thrives and even Heritage calls it a beacon of “Economic Freedom.”

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