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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Economy, Featured, Passages, Politics | 6 comments

Tea Party Purges and Departures

“History repeats itself,” Karl Marx proclaimed, “first as tragedy then as farce.”

The Tea Party is now acting out a pathetic parody of Communism’s Great Terror of the 1930s in the name of ideological purity and for the same reason, paranoid fear of losing control over true believers.

In the fiscal cliff’s shadow, House Republicans remove from key committees two conservatives deemed insufficiently dedicated to the party line (the Paul Ryan budget) as a warning to others who might be tempted to deviate. Is Eric Cantor tuning up his act as the Tea Party’s tinpot Stalin?

Even more suggestive is a miffed departure from the movement by Dick Armey, the former House majority leader who is considered its philosophical father going back to the Contract with America days of the 1990s.

Co-author of the “Tea Party Manifesto,” Armey now resigns from its key organization FreedomWorks with thinly veiled annoyance.

“Obviously I was not happy with the election results,” he explains in his non-explanation. “We might’ve gotten better results if we had gone in a different direction…we should’ve done better.”

Translation: The kooks have taken over, and the Tea Party’s own Karl Marx is picking up his marbles and going home to Texas.


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  • The_Ohioan

    Mr. Armey is picking up his 80 million marbles and leaving. His feud with co-founder Kibbe over a new book’s publication may be part of the problem. Of course being linked to a failing organization is hazardous to future income raisng ability, as well. One wonders if Mr. Armey had any idea of the amount of kookdom that would be unleashed through his efforts.

  • merkin

    And too have Mr. Armey give up on you because you have bad ideas is something of a trick. The list of bad ideas that Mr. Armey pushed through the House of Representatives include the repeal of Glass Segal and the prohibition against regulating the then small derivatives market. The combination of these two provided the direct path to the 2008 Great Financial Crisis and Recession that cost Americans 7 trillion dollars in lost capital, more than the highest and wildest estimates of the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare for the next thirty years, threw 25 million people out of their good jobs and millions more out of their homes. Certainly Mr. Armey would make a short list of five people who were most responsible for the recession.

    He also pushed through the conversion of Blue Cross-Blue Shield into for profit insurance companies. This was done according to Mr. Armey to turn the free market loose to solve the health care crisis. It certainly turned something loose, health care costs climbed continuously from this point. The primary force keeping costs down up until then was the efforts of the large, community rate based non-profits, Blue Cross-Blue Shield. The conversion of these into for profit companies removed the last restraint on costs.

    Mr. Armey’s source for these bad ideas was the same as many of the equally bad ideas we see today, the delusions of Austrian/Libertarian economics. Mr. Armey was an economist and a follower of the Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises.

    Ironically Mr. Armey was the source for many of ideas that found their way into RomneyCare and eventually into ObamaCare. Which lead to Mr. Armey simultaneously lobbying to pass ÖbamaCare while opposing it through the Tea Parties that he was instrumental in organizing.

  • When The Dick Armey successfully takes the moral high ground from you on an issue, you’ve REALLY got to re-evaluate your life…

  • Rambie

    Well said Merkin, well said.

  • petew

    Not only is the Tea Party, controlling most Republican’s,but by all rights, it should be indited for conspiring against the government by illegally controlling the workings of that government—and in a way that imminently threatens the well being of all Americans. But in case that doesn’t happen, Tea Partiers will eventually succeed in destroying the GOP because of their arbitrary and dictatorial political ideology. If Republicans do not recognize this soon, you can bet that they will soon belong to a party that is now nothing more than an obsolete vestige of its, once rational, past!

  • The_Ohioan

    Sounds like Speaker Boehner is ready to make a deal. He’s ousted four of the more obstreperous members from budget and finance committees and the rabid right are not at all happy about it.

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