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Posted by on Oct 10, 2013 in International, Politics, Society, Terrorism, Women | 4 comments

Taliban angry over Malala’s prize vows to try and kill her again

Malala has done ‘nothing’ to earn rights prize: Taliban (via AFP)

The Pakistani Taliban Thursday said teenage activist Malala Yousafzai had done “nothing” to deserve a prestigious EU rights award and vowed to try again to kill her. The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov human rights prize to the 16-year-old,…

  • slamfu

    Its just amazing to me that anyone can wake up in the morning, look themselves in the mirror knowing that they are part of an organization that has put a hit out on a 16 year old girl, and still think they are on the side of the righteous. I mean, there is disconnect with reality, and then there is DISCONNECT with reality.

    We throw a lot of political firebombs in this country, but no matter how nutty and wrong I think are the Ann Coulters, the Ted Cruz’s, etc… at least I know we just have a basic disagreement on how to be a strong prosperous nation, and neither side here is saying we need to assassinate children as part of our agenda. Sure, we call the far right the “American Taliban”, but I like to think deep down we know its not that bad. Thank you Taliban, for giving me and hopefully many others a dose of perspective.


    I’m not sure–does anyone know if the KKK lynched black males under the age of 18?

  • Today

    I would like to hear louder condemnation of the taliban from the peaceful Islamic community. However, I am sure that the peaceful Islamic community lives in fear of crossing the Taliban and other criminal “Islamic” organizations. I realize all religions have their plus and minuses, but, the Islamic religion seems to be having an identity crisis.

  • petew

    I share in Amazement just how such an extreme sect, was ever able to gain popularity in Pakistan and other parts of the mid-east as well. Is it just because they are the ones with the guns? Does any Muslim parent really think that their female children deserve a violent death sentence just for having the appetite to learn?

    The leaders of the Taliban must be desperate to hold on to power, and they must rely on making others accept their form of political security at the cost of all else!

    I don’t believe that many of the world’s Muslims really share or approve of, this violent attempt to achieve political dominance. So, could someone please tell me if there is some sort of cultural history or tradition that actually validates the existence and popularity of groups like the Taliban?

    ROBERT COUTINHO is also correct to point out that the American Klu Klux Klan did some horrible things to young black men, often with little or no reason to justify such violence. Wasn’t Emitt Till (I think that was his name) brutally beaten and killed by a group of southern bigots, who, if not members of the Klan, very much accepted its dogma? I think Emmett was only twelve years old, and, when visiting from the North and staying with relatives, he made the deadly mistake of actually winking at a young white sales clerk! What followed was an act of extreme violence and Barbarism from white residents who wanted to retain complete control of southern society with use of their self-perceived white supremacist ideology. And, although some of he murderers were brought to justice many decades later, at the time, an all white jury and a bigoted judge in the Jim Crow south, incredibly, found them not guilty—in spite of all clear evidence to the contrary.

    However, one difference in America, is that we also had many citizens who perceived the ugliness and brutality of this act with great concern. EVentually our government condemned those who were intimidating and beating black Americans (sometimes to death) in lawless and morally reprehensible ways. But, I would guess that the citizens in the middle east still has not fully attempted to fight the horrific actions perpetrated by members of the Taliban. They have yet to make A complete effort to go after, and stop them.

    The only reason I could ever give for staying in Afghanistan, is that young girls there, are also being violently intimidated!

    How sad it is that much of the world still denigrates women even (in this case) for something as simple and basic as a desire to gain an education. I guess the Taliban (like harsh political and religious groups everywhere), are afraid of education, because those who have it, may eventually gain power in ways that would nullify their existence—and not soon enough if you ask me!

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