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  • Rcoutme

    #7, Do you think Obamacare is effective and worth the cost? Um…this is more or less established fact, isn’t it?

  • My response to #7 was “so far, data seem to indicate the answer is largely yes.”

  • JSpencer

    It’s pretty hard to come up with a whack job test for dems that careens around as much as the one reps get.

  • PJBFan

    According to the WaPo, I am “very nutty” because I answered yes to two of the questions that they posed on the GOP test.

    • tidbits

      The Republican test seemed to have a serious bias against Evangelical Christians..Three of the questions would have resulted in nut-case classification based on religious belief, not political philosophy.

      I would have preferred real outlier identification questions. 45+% of Americans do not support gay marriage (even though 52+%, including myself, do). To classify a view held by 45+% as evidence of being nutty seems an inaccurate measure. More indicative of nutty – my view – would be questions about whether Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya.

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