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Posted by on Feb 27, 2016 in 2016 Elections, 2016 Presidential Election, Politics | 2 comments

South Carolina Polls: Clinton On Verge Of Landslide Over Sanders Today

Democratic voters in South Carolina are headed to the polls Saturday for the fourth showdown between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And the very likely outcome: Clinton appears set to win a blowout victory – potentially even greater than Sanders’s own previous landslide in New Hampshire – fueled in part by a wide appeal to minority…

  • Slamfu

    Lol people are freaking out all over other sites. I am still just amazed at how folks make it seem like the race if over with months to go and 95%, over 4500 delegates still to be decided. Dkos for instance, all the Bernie folks are crying like he got hit my lightning or something, it’s actually kind of amusing. And all the Clinton supporters are handing out condolences like it’s over, lol. Oh well.

  • GrantS

    Sanders was in Iowa for months and months to set up the close call there. It is known that Vermont and NH would go his way but the rest of the country is solid Clinton. His supporters in NV didn’t show as expected. He needs to GOTV for the primaries fast or his is toast on Super Tuesday.

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