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Posted by on Oct 31, 2007 in At TMV | 1 comment

Saudi King’s Entourage: Advisers & ‘Handful of Wives’

king and queen

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, now on a three-day visit to the UK, has brought along with him a handful of wives along with an impressive array of advisers as a part of his entourage…More here…

“The King was also believed to have brought a handful of wives – he has been married more than 30 times – and 100 servants to attend to his personal needs. And as the octogenarian monarch has had heart problems, he was also thought to have in attendance what has been called a ‘travelling clinic’.”

Meanwhile Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah will meet with Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday in the first encounter between a Saudi monarch and a Roman Catholic pontiff, the Vatican said Wednesday, reports IHT.

The meeting, during Abdullah’s European tour, underlines Benedict’s efforts to increase dialogue between Catholics and Muslims.The 83-year-old Saudi monarch is on a five-country tour of Europe.

There is another interesting article on Saudi king’s visit to the UK titled “They’re like camels – uncongenial, but trustworthy…It’s absurd to treat the Saudi royals as moral outcasts”. Read on…

“To be sure, Saudi Arabia is not likely to become a Western-style democracy any time soon. And there is no evidence that a majority of Saudis would want such a system. But the fact remains that the kingdom can and must be pressed to do away with those aspects of its social structure that King Abdullah himself describes as outdated.

“As the Arab proverb has it: the camel is not the most congenial of travel companions, but it is the most trustworthy.”

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