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  • sheknows

    I am really trying to figure out the end game here. Putin keeps claiming he is not trying to take over Ukraine…Pro Russian “forces” inside Ukraine are stirring up trouble…and Putin is claiming he is only” protecting the Russians inside the Ukraine”, nothing more.

    So this all ends with Putin withdrawing all of his thousands of troops from around the borders, the pro Russian factions cross over and apply for citizenship in Russia, The Jews are left alone to carry on life and the U.S and EU remove sanctions. Right?

  • Marsman

    The US Navy has a ship in the Black Sea. NATO announced planned exercises in Poland and Estonia. Meanwhile Russia is moving troops around inside Russia. I would find it hard to make a case for Russian pugilism from these facts.
    Sometimes one has to make some small concessions to allow the other side to save face in coming to an agreement. Few humans respond well to being pushed around.
    Let’s back off a bit. In recent years when Russia was weak, we advanced our anti-Russian alliance into the Baltic states and Poland. A few weeks ago, a legally elected pro-Russian government was overthrown in Ukraine. If I were Putin, I would have assumed that the overthrow of the Ukrainian government was an attempt to further tighten the noose around Russia, and I would have taken steps to neutralize those actions. We gave him no choice.

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