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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in Media, Politics | 1 comment

Romney and John Edwards 5 Years Later

His rise and fall tell more about politics and politicians in the 21st century—-and the rest of us–than they do about one imperfect man. John Edwards’ saga suggests where America is heading in an age of knowing everything and understanding practically nothing about people brought into our lives by 24/7 media.

Covering Edwards’ trial now is like “leafing through a catalogue of the sad and the sordid,” says a New Yorker writer, concluding that it “raises questions about campaign finance, the business of image-making, the pivotal role of a single large donor, and how much we really care about a candidate’s character.”

Yet, how much can we know when that “character” is largely a charade he constructs to hide even from himself?

In 2007, I wrote in defense of media probing the lives of candidates: “John Edwards and Mitt Romney are grown men who made a lot of money and now want the most powerful job in the world. All this attention goes with the process of trying to get it.”

Romney has no sexual skeletons but his parade of false selves is as daunting as those of Edwards, for whom millions voted as Vice President in 2004 and supported for the Democratic nomination four years later, only to learn that they knew nothing of his true self at all. (Venture capitalists and negligence lawyers don’t share their inner lives or even examine them much.)


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  • RP

    This is getting about as low as one can get comparing a venture capitalist to a negligence lawyer. The only person Edwards made rich was himself through malpractice suits that he turned into millions since hospitals and doctors found it cheaper to settle than to go to court. I know, I worked for a healthcare system in NC and when Edwards came knocking, doctors ran knowing it was better to settle than to take the time to fight in court, even though many would have won their case against him. A million or two settlement only made malpractice insurance increase in cost while the doctors and hospitals reputation was still high. Sealed documents never let any info out on settlements and the increased malpractice insurance premiums was just passed on in the form of higher rates to the next patients.

    Venture capitalist create jobs, as well as close companies if they can not make money. And don’t bring up the steel plant in the negative ad as their are many other companies he created or saved that are still producing jobs with a large net increase. Just remember after the government took over GM and Chrysler, hundreds of dealerships were forced to close and they were not even owned by GM and Chrysler, They were privately held companies that the car companies forced out of business and the Obama administration did nothing to save those jobs that are still gone forever.

    That is what individuals do when they have to make decisions based on business profitability.

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