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Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in 2016 Elections | 10 comments

Republican America

The headline this morning is that we have elected Donald Trump to be our president.  The more pertinent lesson is that Democrats again earned a place of disfavor, standing in the corner face to the wall.  Pre-vote, much talk centered around the reassessment that would be necessary for Republicans after the election.  Now we should know that it is Democrats who must reassess if they are to retake prominence in American governance.

For too many years, Democrats, liberals and a majority of pundits have ignored the broader truth that Republicans largely control America.  But for 2006 and 2008, Republicans have controlled the legislature.  They have controlled 60%+ of governorships and state legislative bodies.  The Republican governmental dominance has been disguised by the existence of a Democrat in the White House.  That dominance can be ignored no longer.  America, writ large, elects Republicans.

For more than a decade Republicans have cleaned the clocks of politically correct, regulation happy Democrats and liberals.  Yesterday did not change the direction of the electorate, it put an exclamation point on it.  We should not make the mistake of thinking that this was just the election of a showman to the presidency.  This was the Senate, the House, Governors’ mansions and legislatures across America…again.


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  • SDB

    Not so sure the Republicans have really cleaned clocks as they have served their constituency poorly and legislated like a party in the minority rather than the majority. I am a non-apologetic fiscal conservative who has been long frustrated by my party’s inability to pass meaningful legislation, not because of an obstructionist opposition, but allowing themselves to be bullied by the minority party. That is exactly why I was delighted to see Speaker John Boehner resign his Speaker-ship. He was ineffectual, politically impotent, and fully capitulated to the opposition party. At a time when our country had an complete absence of leadership in the Executive office, we could ill-afford to have poor leadership in the House Majority.

  • Shannon Lee

    Pretty hard reality check right there ES. Well said.

  • Ballard Burgher

    We will have to see how things play out once the toxic smoke of this awful campaign clears. However, I think you give the voters far more credit for rational and coherent thought than they may deserve.

    Reserving the right to reconsider as events unfold, it seems to me today that this result was a perfect storm of economic, racial and sexist angst in which white identity politics and blind anti-establishment rage won out. Mix in a Democratic candidate compromised by decades of wildly exaggerated pseudo-scandal and a lazy, sensationalist press and it all was just enough to elect a narcissistic charlatan.

    Under the heading of “be careful what you wish for” Republicans now face the reality and burden of governing. They will soon find that governing is far more difficult than opposition. This reality crushed the Bush administration whose incompetence was revealed. Trump and a fractured Republican party inspire even less confidence.

    • Shannon Lee

      I dont know… I think Trump is going to steamroll the Republican party like he did in the primaries.

      Who in the party will stand up to him?? No one. All Dems can do is filibuster for 2 years and hope to retake the House after Trump has blown up the country.

  • dduck

    Thanks ES, nicely said.

  • dduck

    Sorry if this a “hijack”, but I couldn’t find the most “correct” thread.
    I apologize for my fellow Reps who have, in their minds and hearts, and with their votes elected Trump. I did not, and I know many many other Reps voted for Clinton.
    I am truly sorry, and I hope things don’t turn out as badly as some are predicting.

    • Shannon Lee

      My mom said she couldn’t vote for Clinton because HC funneled ME (terrorist) money into the Clinton Foundation. I guess she heard it on Fox News or something. She is a hard core Rep…couldnt vote for Trump because… you know… Trump has no respect for women. Not that it mattered or my vote mattered. Trump crushed HC in Kansas. A lot of Christians in Kansas…They worship an elephant altar.

    • The Ohioan

      You are not responsible for anyone other than yourself, as are we all, and now it is up to all of us to mitigate the damage as best we can.

      • Shannon Lee

        Life is interconnected…to feel that you are only responsible for yourself is imho very short sighted.

        • The Ohioan

          I am the only one responsible for my faults – certainly that would include any lack of caring about injustice done to others should I fail to respond.

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