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Posted by on Aug 20, 2007 in Politics | 3 comments

Real Clear Blogs: Revamped

As many of you know, the site Real Clear Politics is a great resource for political junkies of all stripes. Likewise, RCP’s section on blogs, launched only four months ago, has proven helpful to many of us who regularly troll the ‘Net for leading takes on leading debates of the day. [TMV authors are regularly featured there.]

Accordingly, we thought TMV readers might like to know that the RCP editors have re-vamped and re-launched “Real Clear Blogs,” making two primary changes. In their words:

First, a site dedicated to covering blogs should be continuously updated. Accordingly, we scrapped the morning and afternoon editions, and will now be adding Debates and Discussions and other Featured Posts throughout the day.

And second, we couldn’t continue to maintain a site about blogs without having a blog ourselves. This problem has been remedied, of course, by what you’re reading now. Unlike before, not only will we be able to describe the what and who of a debate, but now we can address why we think it’s important.

Check it out.

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  • MyPOV

    I do check out RCP each day and it is informative. But I find it disingenuous that you fail to mention that the site and, in particular, the blog is very partisan.

  • That has not been my experience. In particular, I have found the Blog section of RCP to be quite balanced/even-handed. Also, I know one of the newly launched blog’s authors, and he likewise tends to be very centrist, non-partisan in his approach. If you have specific examples of partisanship, however, I’d be happy to consider them and re-think the qualifiers on this post.

  • Pete, you should recall that to many people the definition of “partisan” is “anyone that ever says anything I disagree with”. 🙂

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