President-elect Donald Trump named Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus as his White House chief of staff Sunday, suggesting an increased willingness by Trump to work within Washington’s system to accomplish his agenda. At the same time, however, Trump announced that Stephen K. Bannon, his campaign CEO who helped amplify some of Trump’s most incendiary rhetoric…

Guest Voice
  • Shannon Lee

    …and I read that Christie just got booted out of the inner circle. They claim it is because he didn’t take the blame for bridgegate…but it is really because he prosecuted Jared Kushner’s father (Ivanka’s husband). Jared is apparently running everything.

    “The elder Kushner, pled guilty to 18 counts of illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering in 2005. He received a 2 year prison sentence.”

    Criminals of a feather flock together. (btw, daddy was a big Dem supporter)

    • DR. CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, Managing Editor of TMV, and Columnist

      i think his father was in an extortion game, setting up a man in a sexually compromising situ to deter him from doing x politically, getting photos of? and then attempting to put the squeeze on him. Recall something about that… and guilty verdict. I imagine if they were going to boot christie for kushner’s father, they would have done that long long ago. More likely christie may be next to be charged w bridgeclosing, as two of his close in people were just found guilty in the courts.

      • dduck

        Lock him up.

      • Brownies girl

        I’m real curious about what will happen when Trump goes before the so-called “Mexican” Judge Curiel, on Nov 28, charged with fraud and racketeering. Evidently Trump’s lawyers have filed a motion to delay (they’ve delayed for over *6* years now!) till after Inauguration, due to the fact Trump has his hands full right now, trying to get his administration set-up. Info here:

        Judge Curiel, IMO, would have **good** reason to deny this motion, seeing as Trump so viciously verbally slammed the judge during the campaign — but we shall see. If the delay is denied, Trump’s lawyers could take it to a higher court — and perhaps even SCOTUS. Which is now evenly split at 4-4. If THEY voted that way, (split evenly), does that mean the lower court decision stands? Not that this is keeping me up at night or anything — just wondering what others here think. BG

        • dduck

          Lock him up too.