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Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Crime, Featured, Race | 2 comments

Police Hunt Alleged Cop Killer Christopher Dorner in Mountains

US police hunt alleged cop killer in mountains (via AFP)

Police in the Los Angeles area searched Friday for an ex-cop accused of killing three people, including another officer, focusing their attention on a California ski resort where his burnt-out truck was found. Some 125 officers were deployed in and around Big Bear, east of Los Angeles, where police…

  • The_Ohioan

    How many well armed and trained (by civilian and military agenies) people are one firing away from this situation. Tragic.

  • Enkindle

    Dear former Lieutenant Christopher Dorner.

    Going out, “guns a blazing”, I see. Say you want to draw attention to corruption in the LAPD? Dude, apparently you didn’t read the history of the LAPD before you applied for the job.

    So…what does that tell you? Realize you got a screw loose yet? YOU need to turn yourself in before your ego crashes, but by now I suggest you do it “real public like”.

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